Friday, June 02, 2006


This picture is for you Todd and Jenny! Mike wanted to put his Yankees hat on but we decided not to... just for you. LOL

So back to Wed...
Mike had the day off... another holiday that had Dragon Boat races but it was too wet to make the effort to see them. So instead we had lunch with Chris and Athania at a little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant where we had REAL Bejing dumplings!!!!!!! It was a party in my mouth (as Mike says.) Isabella was a hit because of two reasons... 1. She loved the food. 2. She said her first Chinese word in public! (well maybe three reasons... 3. She's darn cute.) It was so great to spend time with C&A as always.
We came home and rested until Steve, Amy, & Kinley came over for dinner. I tried a new recipe (Crockpot Lasagna) and was actually pretty good. I was a bit nervous at first because it doesn't call for many noodles and it used Cottage Cheese instead of Ricotta. But it turned out great... at least I enjoyed it. And so did Isabella as you can see in the picture below...

She had it ALL over her face but that's the only way I can get her to eat different things now... by letting her feed herself. It was tons of fun watching the two little ones play together... and Isabella running around hugging everyone. And Amy made this great dessert that she said would probably be considered a WW dessert so I didn't feel guilty finishing off my plate. LOL

It was so fun to be with friends all day long and just fellowship with each other. I've realized a lot lately how important friends are to me and how much I long for deep meaningfull relationships.

Today it stormed all morning which was actually quite inenjoyable. I opened the curtains and we watched the lighting and rain just pour. It pretty much rained all day but I'm thankful for an underground carpark that connects our building with the shopping mall. Isabella and I did get out for dinner (McDonald's) and picked up some groceries. We ran into Yuko and her girls (a Japanese family from church) at McDonald's and had dinner with them. Yuko says that her English is not very good but we managed to chat for about an hour. It was really fun and I enjoyed getting to know her a little bit more. Her girls are just adorable and had fun entertaining Isabella with their happy meal toys.

Isabella had her first MAJOR spill today. She literally flipped off the couch and I lost it. I called Mike in a panic but I should've known our daughter. After a few tears and hugs she was perfectly fine and climbing on the couch again. Talk about scary! What scares me even more is I have no idea where the nearest hospital is or how to get an ambulance or who to call if there is an emergency... and the fear of always wondering if they'll speak enough English to understand what I'm saying. I guess I have some research to do and praying... for God's protection.

So anyway... it continues to rain and we continue to find new things to play with. She discovered pillows today and how fun it is to dive onto them. Tomorrow... hmmm maybe fingerpaints.

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