Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oh what fun

So I mentioned yesterday that I was 2 up on Mike right? (LOL) Well today I just didn't feel like exercising while Izzy napped... I figured that I would in the evening because I knew Mike had some things to get done for tomorrow. And then he asks me to help him put together the new church name tags (we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary as a Branch church tomrrow) so I agree to help. So we put Izzy to bed and get started and I realize this is all Mike's plan to try and catch up. (okay so not really but since Mike insists I'm a drama queen... I have to act like it) See... we started about 7:30ish and just finished and my clock says approx 10:39ish. There's no way I'm going to exercise now... grr but thankfully Sunday's do not count so all I have to do is force myself to exercise everyday next week and I win! Wohoo!!!! I think I can manage that! Only 1 week to go. And that also means... only 1 week until Thailand! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So anyway... the above are pics of how we spent our Sat night. :)

Mike was finally able to go wakeboarding with Brett this afternoon (we were invited as well but I just didn't know how Izzy would handle several hrs on a speedboat so we opted out this time) and he seemed to have enjoyed himself. He's got a great base tan for Thailand. Then we met at Toys r Us because I'm in desperate search of an Easter basket for Izzy but no luck... though I managed to pick her up an Elmo bath toy for my hopeful basket.

Mike's had a busy week... and since a few of his nights have been fun related (rugby seven's, wakeboarding) he's offered me a Monday to myself! What a great guy! Now I just have to decide what I want to do. I'm thinking... haircut, Esprit Outlet... maybe Salvation Army (maybe I can find a basket there) I'm even considering a long run somewhere other than Hung Hom. I'm sure that while I'll have a million things I'll want to do... I'll probably just do a few and come home to be a family. It's too hard on me to be gone for long periods of time. I'm always afraid I'll miss something special.

Speaking of special.... Isabella can now say her own name (well nickname that is... Izzy), act like a monkey, say 'this way, Laurel, Shay', trys her hardest to repeat everything, jump off things with two feet (usually jumping so that she lands on her butt... seems painful to me but she loves it!), say 'Mumble' and is attached to her stuffed Mumble (penguin from Happy feet), and I'm sure I'm missing a ton of things but that's what comes to mind now. Oh yeah... she's eating!!!!

Again, I have more to share but this cut and paste thing is getting to me. At least I'm getting quicker at it! LOL

Have a wonderful day!!!

Just because I can... here's Izzy when she crashed on our bed after playing hard with Soda (Makiko's son). I knew she was exhausted but it was already about 5ish when we got home from their place so I decided to just put in a video for her to watch then I got a phone call and after I hung up it seemed awfully quiet so I checked on her and she was out! Too cute..

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