Sunday, March 25, 2007

Isabella qui ks

I know some of you would argue but we really do have the sweetest, cutest, most adorable little girl EVER! These pictures prove it. She's so creative, so imaginative... just blows me away and makes me smile for a different reason each day.

Today we had our Annual General Meeting for church and while the meeting was a meeting... the fellowship afterwards was awesome. I spent some time chatting with another mom (of which our 3kids were playing together.. it was too cute they were all holding hands walking around, looking at the flowers, etc...) and we've decided to get a group together (just ladies and no we're not going to attempt the 20K like the men) to go hiking. I'm really looking forward to that but also praying that it happens with enough warning so someone can watch Izzy. We also spent some time chatting with another couple who I really enjoy talking with but never seem to get the time to. And then when I went upstairs to get Isabella (the youthgroup watched all the children) it was adorable to see her, Timothy, Hannah, Kathryn, and Jacinda lined up at a table playing with playdough and watching Veggie Tales. I wish I could describe the scene better but I think it will forever be remembered in my head. She looked so mature... so not my baby... but a little girl.

Then we came home, took a nap and then met Adelina, Nick and Kayla for dinner. They took us to their club and the evening was just fabulous. I really do enjoy spending time with them and Kayla and Isabella get along so well. She looks absolutely fantastic for being 7 months pegnant with twins and it's been un talking 'baby stu' with he.

Okay... I'm stopping o now because two o my lette s a e not wo king and it's d iving me c azy... I'll w ite mo e when it's ixed!

Have a wonde ul day!!!

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