Saturday, March 17, 2007

2 for 2

just a few pics from our trip to macau

Here's the layout I made about Isabella's one day of potty training

Well... we're 2 for 2 though Mike insists he should get like 5 bonus days for his run this morning. Every Saturday he runs about 20K with some friends in preparation for a 100K race next fall and well... it's hard to argue with that. LOL This may be a harder challenge than I thought and I'm quite convinced that there will be a tie in the end but if this causes us to develop a very consistent, healthy habit... then it doesn't matter who really wins... right? :) But I'm way to competitive not to at least try and out do him! hehe

I've been looking at the calendar, doing some planning and realized that on Monday, we only have 21 days left until our trip to Thailand. (Yes, I have been thinking about this A LOT lately!) And some of you know what 21 days means... it's supposed to take 21 days to break (and I'm assuming make) a habit. So I decided to push myself a bit with some other challenges. So here it goes... starting on Monday, I will...

1. Get up every day at 7am to run (or do some sort of exercise.. I don't know that I can run 21 days straight)
2. No pop (soda for those of you who don't know what pop is... Mike)
3. Only 1 dessert a week (and I'm only saying one in case something just happens to come up... like a dinner at my favourite dumpling place for my red bean dessert dumplings...hehe)

So the whole pop thing is going to kill me because well I need to just face it... I'm addicted to Coke Light. Even my friend Amy from MN knew how bad my addiction was because when she came to visit me in the hospital after I had Izzy she was sweet enough to bring me a bottle of Coke! And the waking up to get my exercise out of the way is going to kill me too but well it'll be good for me and I pray that at the end... it wil become a habit and that it'll give me a bit of quiet time before Izzy wakes up.

Today was quite interesting. Isabella threw her paci down the lift shaft and therefore refused to fall asleep for a nap. The weather went from extremely warm and humid yesterday to really cold and almost typhoon like wind. Isabella was cute today.. I have pictures but my computers extra slow tonight so I'll share tomorrow but anyway... we have these big rice bags and she insisted on being put inside one. So I put her in and carried her around a bit. Then I washed a few dishes and came out and didn't know where she was. So I called her name and up she pops from inside the bag. She was trying to put on her shoes. Ahhhh... crazy kid. :) I'm feeling almost giddy and I'm not totally sure why... beware Mike it may be a long night. So anyway.... I want to read a bit so I'm outta here!


Anonymous said...

Wait until the terrible two's approach!

Rachel Benz said...

I finally found your blog! I am so excited. In my email transition I lost the email that had the address in it! Isabella seems so big! Even though I never got to see her other than in your belly, she just looks like she is growing up so fast. Anyway, it's great to be able to get updates this way.. yes, I love technology!