Friday, March 23, 2007

Sweet Moments

As I type, Isabella and I are lying on my bed watching Elmo. It's kinda become our thing since Mike left on Wed. She's not been sleeping well (really? now there's a shocker) and when she wakes up in the morning she's still not awake (and well neither am I) so I bring her into bed with me and we just relax for a Elmo video before facing the day. :) We've also been eating our breakfast here... a treat for her because since she stopped eating well she's had to eat just at the table. (No we don't always eat at the table... sometimes it's just one more thing to do as we have to pull it out, open it up, etc..) But for some reason as we sat here this morning it just hit me as special. It's our thing and our quiet time together and I love it because it's not that often that she sits still for more than 2 minutes and she'll even snuggle with me. I find that life moves way too fast for me and that sometimes I have a hard time cherishing every moment because it just goes by too fast but these morning times are so precious to me because I'm not chasing her around anywhere, not having to entertain her, I'm able to just sit and watch her... watch her enjoy Elmo, watch her giggle, watch her snuggle with puppy. Sweet moments that I had to capture in writing.

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