Monday, March 05, 2007

World Domination

Another gorgeous day here in HK! Although it quickly cooled off in the afternoon causing us to go from wearing short sleeves and pants (actually we could have gotten away with shorts but I didn't feel like it) to wearing coats and pants. Crazy how fast it cooled off. Mike was so wonderful in letting me sleep in and then taking Isabella to her make-up Little Gym class while I cleaned the flat. It was so great not to have a little one following me around wanting to help me clean. LOL While I love that she wants to help... it always makes the process longer and I just desperately wanted the entire flat clean. Anyway....

We've gotten hooked on the game Risk, thanks to another Youth Pastor (Dave) who keeps inviting us to play. I think I enjoy the fellowship more than anything but tonight the game rocked! Why? Because I was the one who dominated the world! LOL We started playing around 8pm and around 11:15 I rolled the final victory. It's funny because I was hoping (around 9ish) that we would just give up (it didn't seem like the game was going anywhere...especially for myself) but the Mike (who was currently in the lead) lost a few territories and the game took a spin. :) But in attempt to gain a continent (and being made fun of) I gained 75 armies which allowed me to start in Asia, conquering the world until I ended in the one country I defended the most all evening... Africa. Now that I made it sound like this is really important.... :) It's really just fun for me because I don't ever remember playing this game to completion nor do I ever remember winning... and just ask Mike... I NEVER win board games when I'm playing against him. So anyway....

Here I am rejoicing in my victory and the bottom pick shows my red armies covering the world. :)

On another note... I expected to wake up sore from the race but I woke up feeling great! I really wanted to run again this morning but time got away from me and that's okay. My motivation is totally back making me want to push myself to build my endurance, beat my time, and just continue to live a healthy lifestyle. While I haven't mastered anything... preparing for this race has taught me so much about what it really means to be healthy and I feel blessed to have a few people ask me to help them develop a healthy lifestyle. Totally fun for me... if I had the money, I would instantly start classes to become a personal trainer because I know the struggles that lie in losing weight, developing proper eating habits, learning to enjoy different types of exercise and to push yourself beyond what you can imagine and I know it would be so fun to encourage and support others in the process. It's hard work but the way you feel once you get started is totally worth it. Okay... off my soapbox.

I'm still continuing to think through everything that this race has taught me so I promise to respond to your comment Margie... on the spiritual parallels of this process but for now I'm off to bed. I have to turn my chip in tomorrow (I was so afriad I was going to make Hannah late to church on Sunday that I didn't bother to turn it in) and I'm anxious to see what time my chip read.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Banana said...

I am so proud of you for taking over the world! Hahaha...I wish I could've been there...but since it lasted after 11...I'm kinda glad I wasn't...hopefully you'll be setting the trend for the females to start winning this game (basically, more of me and you) Wahoo.