Sunday, April 01, 2007


I'm so embarrassed... In my eagerness to get one thing checked off my list, Mike walked me over to where he gets his hair cut in hopes that they were available to cut and highlight mine. They were open so I asked if they could color and cut my hair, they said yes and sat me down with some books to pick out my color. I asked him for some suggestions on what would be an obvious difference and so I decided upon a blondish color. In my mind I thought highlights and if someone was really paying attention to the conversation, you probably would understand that I wanted highlights... BUT I'm in Hong Kong and this guy didn't speak a ton of English. So I sat down and two guys came over to color my hair. It took me a few minutes to realize that I wasn't getting highlights... they were dying my whole head but by then it was too late and all I could do was pray that the color would look okay. I'll be honest in that I'm not too thrilled with it but Mike likes it and it will grow out eventually and well... I learned a lesson. But these guys were great, pretty cheap, and close by so now I feel like I can get my hair cut and highlighted much easier and not have to wait until my trips to the states.

Now that I have that off my chest... we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary as a branch church today complete with the CAIS band. It was a great service but what touched me the most was a hug from Map. I think it was one of the most sincere and longest hugs I've ever experienced (outside of family members anyway). It made me feel so special and loved. It didn't feel fake or forced or even... 'that's the kind of person I am... a hugger so here's my hug for you today'. I'm not naturally a hugging type of person.. not because I don't like hugs but more so because I'm shy and I always feel awkward.... but as dumb as it may sound after today it made me realize how much a simple hug means (can mean) to someone and that I should work harder on my huggability. LOL

Today was hot topic in Sunday School and Mike did a great job getting us to focus on the meaning o Christ's death and the fact that Jesus was human when He experienced death on the cross. We watched a bit of the Passion of the Christ and I was blown away again on how someone could treat another human being (let alone God's son) that way. What caught me off guard today was that the man who lost his ear did nothing after he was healed. In my opinion, it was obvious that he realized Jesus was God (or at least that Jesus was not a bad man) but he sat there stunned that it was as if nothing happened. It made me mad but then I have to remind myself that I too have sinned against God in numerous ways and times. We also read through Isaiah 53 and I decided to use this chapter for my devotions this week and pray through it like I did in my Bible study a few weeks ago.

Only a few more days left until our holiday!!!! Wohooo!!!!


Margie said...

Ahhh, hair stories from the mission field lol-I have some of my own :)
Happy 2nd Anniversary! I am going to watch The Passion again this week too-I too have to remember I am such a sinner saved by grace because it's so easy to get mad at the people in the movie!
Have a blessed week :)

Sarah Lu said...

you should put up a picture of what you look like now with a new hair color! i miss u guys!

Carolanne said...

Hugs are important!

My son had a haircut the other day and he said it was "hideous" but he seems to be ok with it now. At least you learned from your lesson and you also found out it was worth going back again. :)