Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Little Update

Whew... it's been a busy couple of days!

Sunday we were invited over to the Enn's for dinner with a new couple (with a baby) from the school and then later that afternoon we found out that Adelina, Nick and Kayla were going to join us too! How fun... it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. Jill and Ryan (and baby Hunter, 5months) were really nice and Jill is a SAHM so I'm hoping we'll get together more often. They just moved to HK mid-August so it's fun to talk adjustment and help out as much as I can. Adelina and Nick seemed to enjoy themselves (since all but Mike and I were Canadians... they were talking CFL) and I just really enjoyed getting to know everyone a bit better. Lori (Mrs. Enns) is an INCREDIBLE cook and we had steaks and carrot cake for dessert. I sure am glad it's Hannah living with them and not me because I'd end up putting on about 100lbs! LOL

Monday we attempted a few things that didn't work out. We had absolutely NOTHING in the flat to eat so we went to Deli France for muffins but they didn't have what I was looking for. So we picked a few groceries up and came home to eat. Once Izzy woke from her nap we walked to the indoor playroom to find it was closed for the day. Thankfully, on our way home we passed a park and so we stopped to play for a bit. In the afternoon, I went with Hannah to explore a bit of TST (ok... mostly Esprit) but we walked around Kowloon Park and chatted too.

Yesterday we went to Lamma Island to help Tim and Cindy (and Lillian too) unpack. They just moved to this incredible village house that quite honestly... I'm a bit jealous over! LOL This island is so peaceful, so calm, so friendly, so unlike HK. What a perfect place to live. I don't know how helpful I was but I sure enjoyed seeing and spending time with them and Isabella sure enjoyed playing with Lillian too.

Today we had to hit immigration to renew our visas. We expected a long day but it only took us an hour so we hit Ebeneiser's for lunch and WOW... I found my new favourite restaurant! Okay... I don't think anything will be Thai food but Mediterrian sure comes in close. I had the most amazing lamb gyro. I told Mike we'll have to go there on our date nights since it's a bit of an effort to get there and eat (it's just a whole in the wall that's open to the streets... not the greatest place to eat with a crazy 1yr old).

This evening Brett and Hannah came over for dinner before their all nighter in Central to win the 'golden ticket' at the new Krispy Kreme. We just got word that they are number 3/4 in line so while they most likely won't get a years worth of KK, they'll probably get a months worth! How cool is that?

Tomorrow brings market shopping for fruits/veggies and grocery shopping for the other necessities and hopefully a trip to the playroom for Izzy.

Not too much exciting going on... Mike and I are praying over a decision regarding all of Children's Church which I think could be really cool if it all works out. And oh yeah... Vivian had her baby! A little girl and she's just precious. I'm so excited for them! And Jenny's having a boy!!!!!! All these babies...

And my babydoll is just growing too fast but we sure are having fun!

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