Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cool things!

Here's the gang at the entrance to Disney

We were enjoying taking random pictures of Chinese tourists. Here's mine... Hannah got some really funny ones!
apparently I didn't feed her enough at the park and she felt her feet would be satisfying.
Sitting in a cup
Riding the carousel
the mini-Cinderella castle

Meeting Tigger

Meeting Goofy

Random picture for Grandma/Grandpa... she doesn't need a pool to enjoy her tube!

For the past few days I've felt quite blah. Don't know if was the rainy weather or what but I just felt blah. Until yesterday... and then the coolest thing happened. It was a total God moment and I'm just tickled pink about what happened. Here's the story:

We were walking home from church and out of nowhere this woman stops me. She begins asking me questions about what kindergarten programs I have Isabella enrolled in. She said that our children (she had her little boy with her) were the same age and wanted to know what I was doing with Isabella to occupy our days. I immediately started questioning whether or not I had met this lady before... she seemed to know me and she was right on the kids age.. they're just a few weeks apart. It just struck me as really odd but I was excited to meet another non-working mom with a little one.

Now back to the classes...
This is not something I've thought about. Parents put their children in school so early and I just haven't come to grips with the idea of doing that with Izzy. However, I have been thinking lately about signing her up for either a Musik Box class or a toddler kindergarten preparation class so I've done some research on a few of the options around here in the past week. So I shared a little about what I've learned and our conversation just took off. We chatted about a few different things and I found out her husband had lived in MN for 2 years before they married and moved to HK. She was so excited, like really giddy, (it was fun to watch her smile) to know that we had just moved from there and was adamant on us meeting her husband. After a few minutes of talking, I needed to get Izzy home. She was getting cranky and Mike and Hannah were with me and anxious to get home as well. This is the cool part (and quite funny)... she wanted my cell number (but I don't know it... lol) so I had to call her and vice versa to share our numbers. But I thought... if she was interested in my number I should just take this opportunity and make plans to get together. So we are! I'm so stoked! We'll get together this week and she's thinking about joining the same class that Isabella will join! I'm just tickled! I've been praying so hard (and I know many others have been praying for me) to meet mothers close by to build friendships with and minister to and He's SO answering these prayers. Mosoumi is who I just met (she's from India) and Adelina (from Canada) and I have been spending time together for about a month now. This is just so awesome! So I'm praying really hard for opportunities to share my faith and just build solid friendships. I forgot to mention that I've been praying for some friends close-by (like in our Whampoa area... I have some friends further away but I wanted someone that I can easily call and say... hey let's get together in an hour kind of thing) and He's even answered that specific request. Adelina is about a 10 minute walk and Mosoumi lives pretty much across the street! I'm just really excited about these opportunities!

We had a wonderful day at Disney last Monday. A man in our church works for them (playing piano at one of the hotels... he's very talented!) and is able to bring in 3 quests each day and so he offered us the chance to go for free and what a HUGE blessing this was for us. We've been a bit hesitant to take Isabella because of the cost and because of not knowing how well she would do being out all day (since she refuses to nap while out and about.. lol). So this was the perfect opportunity because we wouldn't have felt very guilty if we needed to leave early. But we left about 11 and didn't get home until after 9! It was wonderful! The park is much smaller than the original but it was nice to be able to see everything. One funny thing is that Cinderella's castle was super small! The government won't allow the castle to be too big since the airport is close by. Anyway... our first stop was The Lion King show and I was nervous about how I was going to keep Isabella still for 30 minutes. But the minute the lights went out and the music started, she got a bit scared and clung to me the whole time. But she didn't hide her head... she took in everything! So after that we took in everything that Isabella could do. It was not crowded at ALL and she could roam around and charm all the native Chinese with her 'golden' hair. She loved seeing the characters but she wouldn't go to them for pictures. She insisted on staying in Mommy or Daddy's arms but we never complain about that. LOL Hannah and Mike experienced Space Mountain and Hannah and I rode the tea cups. We had some great Chinese food and only wished they had funnel cakes. LOL We spent some time shopping for the perfect memory of our first trip with Isabella but she was pretty clear on what she wanted... a Winnie the Pooh bear. We gave her a choice and she went straight for him and held on tight. It was precious! We finished the day with fireworks and again Isabella just loved the lights and then took the bus home. It was a wonderful day and I'm so glad Hannah was able to share it with us. I definitely think we'll go back... even though we've pretty much seen everything. It's just a fun atmosphere.

It was a difficult day at church this morning. Nothing seemed to go right for either of us and we walked away a bit discouraged but I think we also both walked away realizing what we need to do to make things better at least on our end. Tomorrow starts a new week and it's exciting to think about the things ahead. Next Sunday is our 'Casual Day' and picnic in the park which will be a great opportunity to fellowship with our church family. I'm really quite excited about the opportunity to get to know some other church members in a more relaxed way.

Some funny Izzy tidbits:

She now makes the animal sounds of dog, cow and lion (or any other animal that's not a cow or dog... lol)
She had her first bloody mouth last night thanks to walking around with her sleeper over her head and tripping.
She has this stuffed puppy that she carries everywhere and loves to push around in her shopping cart.
She now enjoys coloring.
She knows her way to the nursery and fought me this morning when I told her 'not yet.'

I think that's enough for one day... lol! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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