Friday, September 22, 2006

Lovin Life... part 3

I should've known Thursday was going to be great when I looked at the clock in the morning and it was 9am! I couldn't believe it. I guess I successfully wore Isabella out. LOL It was so wonderful to sleep in but honestly it threw me off schedule. All morning I felt like I didn't know what to do or when to do it.

We were going to head over to Victoria Park in the afternoon but with Isabella sleeping in I was afriad it would interfere with her nap and I didn't really want to deal with a cranky Izzy on a long communte so we decided to stay home. I instead took her to a different park with the intentions of returning to the indoor playroom to wear her out once again.

I was not feeling like myself... just wanting to be outside and alone but almost the instant I felt that, I felt God saying well you know Mousumi is alone all the time and would probably really enjoy some company. You can be alone another day but why don't you just give her a call. So I did. My intent was to hit the playroom and be home by 4 so that Izzy could nap and I could get a few minutes rest before Mike came home. However, Shateki had gotten a runny nose and she wanted to be outside rather than in the air con. So we played at the park and again I felt like I was being really selfish in what I wanted so we stayed until Isabella clearly needed to rest. We chatted a little more in depth about a few things... nothing major but I felt like our conversation went a bit past surface level which was fun and she invited us over for dinner on Oct 2. It was really cute how she did it... she asked, "Have you talked to your husband about being availalbe on the 2nd?" Me: "Yes and we are." Her: "Okay then, I cordially invite your family to our place for dinner on the 2nd of Oct." How sweet.. then she began to ask how spicy do we like our food. LOL Some Indian food is VERY spicy so I told her we like spicy stuff but we also have sensitive stomachs. LOL

Mike brought us Subway home for dinner and I made Isabella some rice and veggies and for the first time... she took several bites using a fork! It's amazing the things you get excited about once you have children. I was so proud of her for feeding herself that we took her outside for one more walk before bed. :) Okay... we needed groceries but she enjoys being out no matter what.

And that brings us to Friday....

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