Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lovin Life.. part 5

So that's been my week. It's had its ups and downs but as I reflect tonight... I'm just in awe of my life. I feel so blessed to be here in HK, living life with a purpose. My purpose here in HK is so different than it was i the states and it's been really awesome to see how it's changed and how I've adjusted. In the states, everything I did was focused more on ministering to those a part of the church. I reached out as much as I could but the majority of what I did was within the boundaries of 'church.' Here... I'm much more outreach focused. I'm involved in the church as much as I can be but I feel I have a better ministry to those outside of it. It's been a hard adjustment for me as I loved being super involved within the church but I have to say that I'm enjoying being on the opposite end right now. God is doing some awesome things and I feel so blessed to be used by Him.

So as I waked home tonight I started making a list of all the negatives/positives about HK and here's a few I came up with....

Lack of space in our 'home'
Lack of accessible grass
Lack of knowledge of the language
Being so far from family

What's so cool is that those are the ONLY negatives I could think of and besides being away from family... everything else is available in just a different way than I'm used to.

Walking everywhere
All the different foods.... hello panda cookies, cha siu bao (sp?...steamed BBQ buns), satay, curry, hmmm... getting hungry here lol
Making friends from all over the world
Being surrounded by people.... did I really just write that?
Feeling safe at any time of the day
The variety of classes/playrooms available to Isabella
All of the parks
Taking a ferry
Shopping at markets
The breeze from the harbour
Meeting people everywhere
Connecting with people just because you're an expat

ugh... I just realized it's midnight so I'll stop there.

I really do love it here... it will be wierd to go back to the states and see what I miss about HK. Usually I'm always thinking the other way around.

I was also thinking about some very random things that I wanted to write down so here they are...

Random facts:

~I'm addicted to Hello Panda cookies and I justify eating them because the creamy filling is a milk cream. LOL
~Isabella has a lot of energy.... and I mean A LOT! Everyone gets a kick out of her because she just doesn't stop and we often get comments such as... 'And I thought my child was active.'
~Isabella loves to giggle and the more tired she is... the more she giggles. And no matter what she causes everyone else to giggle too.
~I love being out and about... watch out Moms and Dads in Nov. I won't know what to do with myself. I realized today that rarely is there a day I don't go somewhere and I don't know what to do with myself if I'm stuck inside.
~I love watching Isabella when a dog passes by.
~I really love taking walks... especially around 'downtown' Hung Hom at night. I love the atmosphere of everyone being out and about... all the little shops... street food.
~I really enjoy living in Hung Hom. Funny how a change of heart can often reflect a change of attitude.
~I'm so thrilled to be a part of the family of God and to be serving Him here in HK.
~Being a Christ follower.... RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay... off to bed!

Okay I lied... here's my most recent LO... a pic of Izzy playing peek a boo with daddy at Disney and another of her at the park actually sitting for a second. LOL

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