Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What to share....

The past two weeks have been difficult and wonderful at the same time. I've learned quite a few things about life and about myself... things that were hard to learn but well worth it. Over these weeks I have experienced disappointment, physical discomfort, stress, relief, joy, peace, love, and well I probably could go on and on. Some of the things I've learned are: My body hasn't (nor probably ever will) totally recover from my first bought of gastritis; when God tells you to do something it's better to do it the first time rather than the tenth; what I value in relationships with others; that I still struggle with the urgent vs the important; when using the computer... save, save, save; and again I could go on. Like I said... it's been quite the two weeks or so.

I made a few decisions over these weeks and it turns out that while some of those were hard and disappointing... they were the best decisions I ever could have made. One set me free from a struggle of mine that I've been dealing with for quite some time, one that really excites me, and one that will help me be more disciplined. I've discovered some new passions and have been refreshed by the company of good friends.

I've been blessed by God's word and by the worship of our Sunday mornings. I've been blessed by an honest and loving husband, a daughter who gives hugs and kisses, and the joy of having one of our MN family members join us here in HK.

I've enjoyed talking with my friend as we walked along the harbour, seeing a movie with Mike, seeing Disneyland as a family, taking Izzy to the pool, eating street food with Hannah, playing capture the flag, etc...

Yeah... lots of things have happened but it's late, photoshop froze on me again, and I'm tired. I can't wait to upload some Disney photos (oh what a huge blessing this was to us and we had a BLAST!) but maybe tomorrow.

In the words of the Chinese---
'Bye Bye'


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angela said...

I am sorry you have had to deal with some of the messiness of life, but how fortunate we are to have A God who brings grace and peace! I am glad you have found the "wonderful" in this time;);) And how fun to have a family visit! I emailed you back, but the emails failed. Just wanted to let you know. I will try again later or tomorrow!!!