Friday, September 15, 2006


Despite an unusual morning... our day ended up to be quite nice. Our playdate with Mousumi and Shateki went well. She made us lunch and we chatted about life in Hong Kong, our families, differences in cultures and being mums. Her husband works pretty much ALL day... not getting home until about 8:30/9 each night, 6 nights a week so she is pretty lonely. We talked about going some places with the kids that she's uncomfortable going to alone since her husband is not able to go and she seemed really excited about being able to get out and explore a bit. She is very interested in her son to be well rounded and aware of the world. I asked if she missed India and her family and while she said yes... she doesn't want to leave HK for awhile because she wants her son to remember the diversity here and experience a bit of kindergarten since education here is incredible. We were just about to listen to some Indian classical music when Isabella had a melt down. She hadn't napped all day and was incredibly tired. I felt so bad for her and for having to leave Mousumi but she understood. So we made plans to go to the public library and play area either Mon or Tues and then headed home. I was so glad I left when I did because poor Isabella was just exhausted. I put her down and she immediately fell asleep and slept for the next three hours!

My heart just goes out to Mousumi. I can't imagine having Mike gone as much as her husband is and not having anyone else to spend time with. So I'm praying hard that we can build a friendship that will allow me to share with her true joy, peace and comfort.

Of course the rain stopped for most of today so we didn't get to try out Izzy's new boots but here's a picture of her wearing them last night. I'd say maybe tomorrow we'll get to play but I'm praying for really great weather for the next few days so our 'picnic at the park' isn't cancelled.

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Margie said...

I loved catching up on your blog and reading about all the exciting new things happening in your life! How exciting to have a new friend where you are-I know the longing so well!! Gotta love those boots :)
God is SO good :)