Friday, September 22, 2006

Lovin Life... part 1

I have quite a lot to say so I've decided to break it into several shorter posts rather than one very long one. LOL

Sunday was our 'Family Day/Picnic at the Park' for church and it was an awesome day! The weather was just absolutely gorgeous... blue skies, warm but not so hot that we were sweating like crazy. The morning service went really well. I had a blast sharing with the children and ended up going with the, we need to "PLEASE" (Pray, Love, Encourage, Accept, Serve and Expand) our family of God message and I was so excited at the end when the children told me what 'Please' stood for. Sunday school was a bit more challenging as they were painting our room so we all moved outside and yeah well... two teachers within a few feet teaching among many other distractions... I was distracted but thankfully my girls understood and it was actually a great chance to talk about life and learn a bit more on how to pray for them.

On to the picnic... this park was INCREDIBLE! If it weren't so far away (listen to me... I've definitely become more Hong Kong in my perspective... this park is about an hr away) I'd go every day. It had GRASS and lots of it! We played a few games together as a church and then we were just free to roam and chat with others. That's a very intimidating set-up for me as I always feel like I'm butting into someone's group so I chose to chat with a few ladies only a bit more in depth versus very briefly to everyone. We had a great turnout... about 150 people there and I don't think I heard one complaint. I hope we do this again... it was a great way to feel connected as a church body.

I was even blessed by one of the older children who enjoyed entertaining Isabella almost the whole time. She was so good with her... walking around, blowing bubbles, carrying her when she was tired. It was so cute to watch. Hmmm... future babysitter? :)

The only disappointing aspect of this day was the fact that Isabella did not enjoy the grass. It was actually quite funny. I took her shoes off for her to walk around and she immediately jumped into my lap, with feet as high as they could go. She would not move until I put her shoes back on. I couldn't believe it. Here we (all these western people) are taking pictures of our feet in grass, walking all over the place barefoot, etc... and she wanted nothing to do with it. I guess she's a Hong Konger for sure. LOL

We got back on the bus to head home and Isabella still had not fallen asleep... that was until one of the ladies took her and the bus started moving. She was out instantly and I was able to rest too.

It was such a wonderful day and I'm so thankful to Mike for putting this all together.

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