Thursday, September 14, 2006

Awesome, Awesome God!

I know this is such a cliche saying but 'God is SO good!' So many wonderful things have happened over the past few weeks that I just have to praise Him over and over! I'm amazed and very humbled that despite my issues... God has continued to bless and answer prayers.

I've been praying for over a year now for opportunities to develop solid, woman friendships. I've tried my hardest to stay close to my best friends in the states, to even build new stateside friendships, to meet solid Christian women here, and to build solid relationships with non-Christians here as well. I've managed to stay close to my best friends and meet a few very wonderful women here but up until about a month ago... I've really struggled with everything else.

But God has blessed me more than I could ever imagine over the past few weeks! I've already mentioned my friend Adelina and how I met Mousomi. I mentioned spending time with Vivian last night and today I received the sweetest... probably the biggest answer to prayer... email from a gal who I attended college with. They just moved to China and she was hoping "to find a kindred spirit with you as a mom and as a mom in China."

I was really excited to receive this mail because I've always felt it was important to have people in your life that are in a very similar stage... maybe even going through the same things or being in the same type of ministry. In the states, I was blessed with some wonderful friends who were the wives of fellow youth pastors and together we were able to support each other and talk though issues that as a pastor wife you can't just talk to anyone about. Now I feel blessed to have this friend to share that with here. Now I do have some friends here who I share with but there are some fun connections that make this email so special for me.

And what makes all of these friendships so special to me is that I know they're from God. They're special blessings from Him, that He has chosen to give me in the most perfect timing. He's answering prayers... both mine and all of those who support me. And it's SO COOL to see and so humbling to know He loves me that much.

On a few random notes:
Hannah watched Isabella this evening so that Mike and I could go see a movie. I was looking for humor so I chose 'Click' which is an Adam Sandler movie. I enjoy some of his movies because they are so funny and I wasn't familiar with anything else that was available to watch. Anyway... the movie totally surprised me... was not at all like I expected it to be. I've never cried while watching one of his movies but I did tonight. LOL

*****If you have not seen this and don't want to hear what it's about please skip this part**************

This movie was about how Adam (can't remember characters name) was trying desperately to reach a 'partner' position at his job and so he was working late hours, missing family events, etc to reach this 'title.' Then he met this man who gave him a remote that controlled his life. He could fast forward through events, visit past events, etc... and he began using this to get out of arguments, get over colds, etc. In fact, he used this to fast forward to where he becomes partner.... which turns out to be a year later. He's beginning to lose everything and his life is just 'fast forwarding' away. He finally realized what he's missing, how he's too focused on his career, etc just in time to die. But thankfully it turns out to be a dream and he's given a second chance.

Anyway... all that to say... I was actually really touched by this movie. It really gave me a refreshed perspective on life. Sometimes I'm always looking to the future, wondering or getting excited about what's next and forgetting to live in the moment. I realized that sometimes I get so focused on my hobbies that I forget about enjoying the moment.. like carrying my camera everywhere so I have pictures to remember things but then being so focused on getting pics that I forget to play. Make sense? I was reminded that we all are born, live, and then die... die being the focus. Why? Because it's a reminder that we all end up somewhere at death and I want everyone to experience heaven and therefore I need to be sharing the love of Christ in all that I do. And again with dying being the focus (sounds morbid but there were a few deaths in the movie that made me think)... I need to cherish my family and the moments I have with them. I need to let go of my selfish desires and put them and others in general first. I walked away from this movie challenged... (and that seems really funny to me since it is Adam Sandler!) challenged to live a life that reflects my love for God, my relationship with Him, my desire to serve Him... a life that's worthy of the words, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

On a fun note...
I realized how much time I spend with Izzy. As Mike and I walked out the door to see the movie our guard looked at me and said.... 'No baby? Where's baby?' with this look on his face like... she's not alone is she? Just made me realize that I don't really go anywhere without her. LOL

Computers are obviously big here... they're in coffe shops, bowling alleys, and today they were at the movies! I thought it was crazy but I checked my email just so I could say, "I used the computer at the movies.' LOL

Hannah took Izzy 'rain boot' shopping while we were gone and came home with the most darling pair of yellow duck boots! I'd show a pic but our internet's not co-operating very well tonight. Tomorrow though for sure. She was a bit unsure walking in them... in fact she was frightened to take a few steps until I held her hand.

I also realized how often we stop at the 7/11. We stopped for drinks on our way home and as we paid the lady said, 'Thank you. See you tomorrow! And oh.... they have their own umbrellas and since mine broke on my way to meet Mike today... I bought one... again just to say, 'I have a 7/11 umbrella.' Ahhhh the little things that make me smile.

Okay... so I told Mike I'd be in bed in just a few minutes but I have to share this brief (I'm hoping Mike will share more specifics at his blog tomorrow... hint hint) awesome God moment Mike experienced yesterday. He was running late to his meeting so he grabbed a cab to the KCR station. His driver spoke English and began to carry on a conversation with Mike... asking about his job. Mike shared he was a Pastor and the driver began to ask questions about God an the differences between different faiths. So in brief... Mike was able to share some of the gospel!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! The driver asked for Mike's number and if he could call him sometime because he often has questions. I can't remember his name but I feel like maybe it's Taxi Ray so PLEASE say a prayer for this man and that he would contact Mike.

Okay... I really need to get to bed. Isabella and I are meeting Mousomi and her son tomorrow and REVOLVE begins (also... please pray for this... for those of you in the states it's similar to what a wed night youth group meeting is) in the evening. And I'm praying for a bit of rain so I can take Izzy out in her new shoes! LOL

Give your family and extra hug today!

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