Friday, September 22, 2006

Lovin Life.. part 2

Well... not to much to write about Monday and Tuesday. None of us were feeling very great and therefore napped when possible. It seems Isabella was teething (though we didn't realize this until Wed), Mike was worn out from the previous week, and I feel that I was dehydrated. By Tuesday afternoon we were all feeling better but needless to say... nothing exciting happened.

Wednesday turned out to be a fun and full day. Mousumi and I met in the afternoon to take our children to this free indoor playroom. Everything in this room was padded and it had slides, funny mirrors, and plenty of things to climb on. Isabella absolutely LOVED it. We got there around 3:15 and for the next hour+ she ran everywhere. I just smiled the whole time. It was like letting a caged animal loose. I picked her up once to give her a drink and her heart was racing!

From there we went to this place that's similar to 'Chuck E Cheese' only on a much smaller scale. I didn't expect to stay long because the last time I took Izzy there she wasn't too interested in it. I guess having a playmate changes that. She went from one ride to the next and she even let me put in some coins so it would move. LOL I guess she's hooked but it will be a nice change of scenery in the 'winter' (I wonder what they really call it here?) when we're tired of playing in the flat.

We came back and Isabella was just pooped. She rarely and I mean rarely sits still but for about 15 minutes, she just sat on my lap. About and hour later, Royce and Auntie Vivian came over to play. Isabella and Royce play (as much as two little ones will)so well together that I just love having them over. And it's always fun for me to have another mum around to talk to.

Needless to say that Isabella was exhausted by the time they left and she slept hard. More on that in the next post... ha ha

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