Friday, September 22, 2006

Lovin Life... part 4

Today turned out to be a wonderful, wonderful day! The morning was a little shaky because Isabella only wanted to play on the kitchen counter and for once... there were only a few dishes to do and the rest of the kitchen was clean. So we argued.. he he...
and I managed to convince her that there were fun toys in the living room too. LOL

Adelina and I were to get together but when and where ultimately depended on whether or not I could get a free trial from this one class. Unfortunately, it took them forever to get back to me and so my day was spent wondering what was going to happen. I'm a planner so this was frustrating for me.

Anyway... they did get back to me and due to Kalya and Isabella's naps... we ended up just meeting and walking to the class together. I was really nervous about how Isabella would do. She doesn't sit still very well and when she see's something she wants... there's no stopping her without a fight. So the class started with a few songs and Isabella was just too excited... she was squirmy, antsy, and unhappy that I was holding her down. I was a bit embarrassed because all of the other children were sitting so properly but I had to remind myself that Isabella actually wasn't old enough to be in that class. Anyway... she really enjoyed herself when she had the freedom to roam and play. She LOVED the trampoline and this big ball with a hole in it that she could climb through... and of course the swings. She did better at the end when we sang a few more songs. I was so glad that Adelina suggested coming for a trial because I was about to sign Isabella up for an 1 1/2hr class (more like a preschool class) and I just don't think Isabella is ready for that. I think she would be find after a few classes but those first few would probably be quite the challenge. So I've decided to check into this class (My Gym) or that Musik Box class because both of those are more play... with a very short story time. Plus... I will be working with her at home now to get her to sit still and focus for just a few minutes.

So anyway... (I say that a lot don't I) Adelina had dinner plans later in the evening (at 8pm... it was currently 6:30) but invited us over to her place and wow... what a gorgeous flat! The kitchen is bigger than Izzy's bedroom but I guess that's not really saying much. LOL The girls had fun eating raisins, dried blueberries, riding bikes, playing with straws and jumping on the bed. Adelina fed the girls and once she found out I was alone for the night... she cooked dinner for me too even though they were going out. I thought that was really sweet of her and I discovered how much I enjoy cous cous! She told me that she would like to have me over on Fridays since we're alone and that just really made me feel special. I really appreciated her thinking of me. We parted ways and I decided to walk home.

I walked through what I like to call 'downtown Hung Hom' and I really enjoyed watching everyone, seeing all the little shops, and just thinking about how my life has changed over the past year. We made a quick stop to say good night to Mike and came home. Again, Isabella was pooped and I'm praying for another 9am waking.

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