Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Family of God

Blahs are still here but the 'cool' weather sure is helping! Isn't that funny? I took every chance I had to get outside today... even in the rain! Isabella and I had a really fun day... well at least I did. We went to the park, took a walk, I took her to this place that's similar (only on a much smaller scale) to Chuck E Cheese, we took another walk, explored some new boutiques, ate Subway, drank strawberry milk... ahhh it was just fun.

The only down side was Izzy was quite off balance today and had a few spills.... both with her body and her milk! LOL I had to change her clothing three times today and unfortunately do three loads of laundry because we discovered recently how bad chocolate milk stains! At the park she slipped on the steps and rolled down one of them, at home she decided to walk off the couch (thankfully I got her as she was about to hit her head on her wooden blocks), she was looking at me while walking and walked straight into a bookshelf, she was attempting to climb onto the couch and somehow slipped and slid off the side, and to top it off she tripped over her own two feet numerous times. Poor girl... PTL she knows how to fall and didn't get hurt at all.

This Sunday is our big 'Casual/Picnic at the Park' day for church and I'm really excited about it but also a bit nervous. I'm responsible for sharing a children's message in front of the entire congregation... yikes! What did I agree too? I love sharing with children but I've never done it in front of adults as well so I'm a bit intimidated but as I laid in bed last night praying about what to share God laid something (actually two somethings) on my heart and I got really excited. The focus of this months sermons are the church and Sunday is all about being the family of God so I came up with these ideas as visual aides...

Have a group of 11 people standing with a piece of paper.. this paper will have their family name on it. Then I talk about how we all have our own families but that we can become a part of a larger family... the 'Family of God'. And as I say 'family of God' those holding the papers with their family names will flip the paper and it will have one letter of 'family of God' to signify that even though we have our immediate families on earth we have a larger family in Christ that scatters all over the world.

The other thought I had was this.... we all have responsibilities within our families. There are things we are expected to do and ways that we are to treat each other. Then explain that as the family of God we also have responsibilities. And a great way to remember what those are... is to remember that we are to 'PLEASE' our family of God. PRAY, LOVE, ENCOURAGE, ACCEPT, SERVE and EXPAND.

Now these are just the beginning thoughts so please don't be to hard on me but I would love to hear comments on what I may want to add or change or whatever.

Tomorrow I meet with my new friend. I'm a bit nervous. I always get nervous the first time I'm alone with a new person. I always worry about what we'll talk about but I believe that God is in this so deep down I know it'll be just fine. Then in the evening another friend is coming over with her little boy. So it'll be a busy day but fun I'm sure.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot. I learned how to count to 10 in Cantonese! I'm so proud of myself... now on to be able to say them quickly and understand them when the ladies at the market yell them out fast. LOL Isabella joined me in saying number 1 but that was it... she was too focused on dancing to Maisy the mouse.

To practice--
yat, yi, saam, sei, ng, luk, chat, baat, gau, sap wohoo! got them all right! LOL

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