Monday, October 02, 2006

here and there

This will be short because I'm tired and have got the worlds biggest headache...

Yesterday was a fun filled day with the youth... we went bowling! It's been a long time since I've been bowling and man did it show! I stunk... course I wasn't really trying either but oh well... it was all for fun. Isabella had a blast just roaming everywhere and playing on the computer. Yes there are computers in the bowling alley and all of our students spent time chatting with their friends or checking their emails.

It was Chinese National Day so they had the awesome fireworks but Izzy went to bed pretty early so we watched them on TV. Man the Chinese really know how to do fireworks! We could hear all the booming in our flat.

We were total bums today except for this evening. We had dinner with Mousumi, Pardo and Shateki. Honestly we were a bit nervous... I mean we don't really know them and we'd never met her husband but it was a fun evening. We had some great Indian food and the little ones just climbed all over the place. Pardo lived in MN for 2yrs and the states in general for 4 so we enjoyed talking American likes/dislikes, etc... Plus they shared some Indian culture with us and I really enjoyed learning more about them. Their marriage was arranged and I just love hearing their views/opinions of this. It's so not what we as Americans think it is!

Since the Red day was on Sunday... everyone got today off. But since Mike's day off is Monday... he gets tomorrow off too! I'm really excited. We'll probably hit Stanley... show Hannah around a bit... maybe do a bit of shopping. I have two little girls and 1 boy to buy for some I'm a little excited. :)

I'm so happy that it's October... means cooler weather is almost here. Isabella and I went swimming on Friday, probably for the last time (well outdoors) this summer. The water was freezing! I really thought we'd stay for like 15 minutes but after the initial shock, Isabella had the best time ever! She finally realized that her inner-tube helps her float and she hung off the edge of it and floated around. She even got the guards to come in and play with her... too cute. We stayed for about 45 minutes when Izzys lips turned blue. LOL We walked downstairs and the inside guard pointed to the smaller indoor pool which is pretty warm and said.... 'Go there to warm up.' So we did and Isabella continued to have a blast splashing around.

Sorry for all the randomness.... that's all I got for today... I'm beat.

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