Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Typhoon Again

Are these pictures so cool? They're from the fireworks show at Disney.

Wind blowing sideways, raindrops climbing the windows, doors slamming... that's what I woke up to this morning. Another typhoon warning 1, then 3, a red then amber rainstorm warning, and ended with a thunderstorm warning. Crazy day! I must say though, I enjoy our big windows during these storms. Love watching the rain and lightning.... and people racing to wherever they need to be. LOL

Needless to say, I cancelled our playdate with Mousomi because we would've have been soaked (just ask Mike) the second we stepped outside and that would not have made for a fun playdate but no fear... we're getting together on Friday. We did however get together with Vivian and Royce and I'm SO glad we did. The kids play (well as much as two little ones will) well together and Vivian and I were able to talk about things besides our children. :) It was just really fun to talk scrapbooking (they don't do this in India and so it was really fun to hear her perspective of it... I also learned that there are a bunch of moms who get together once a month to scrap and it really gave me the bug to get back into paper scrapping... now just need to find someone to watch Isabella during that time... lol), other hobbies and family traditions.

We were to get together with Adelina, Nick and Kayla tomorrow but Kayla's under the weather. I'm bummed but we'll see them on Sunday so it's all good. We may meet up Friday if Kayla's feeling better and I think Isabella can handle a busy day out. We'll see... I don't want Izzy to be a handful with my new friend.

So on a very random note... After watching Isabella dance to Toby (from Rock Star Supernova) all morning, I felt the need to vote for him but I was a 1/2hr late. :( I was so bummed but I'm anxious to see who wins tomorrow morning. I wasn't into this show at all until the last two weeks or so. I find that it's so easy to get into (or maybe tolerate is a better word) random shows here (probably ones I'd never watch if I were in the states) because that's all that's on. Like... the Miss World Pagent. LOL

Well... my mind is drawing a blank so I guess that means it's time for me to stop. Have a wonderful day!

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Melissa said...

Great pictures!!

I'm a Rockstar fan as well, but my favorite is Magni.