Saturday, April 22, 2006

Expectations and Book Report

Probably over a month ago, I had a wonderful conversation with my MIL about being a Pastor's wife. I think I have posted about this before so I'll simply refresh my main thought. She challenged me not to put the title 'Pastors Wife' on myself but rather think of myself as another woman in the church who is involved in ministry. To think this way takes off pressure to 'do' everything and allows you to freely minister in the way God has gifted you.

I love this thought process but I also believe that being a Christian already puts expectations on my life. I'm expected to love, forgive, accept, give, etc... and that's okay because that's how God's Word tells us to live. I've also learned that being in ministry also adds expectations because you are in a leadership position. People look up to you and watch your actions, whether you want them to or not.

Thinking through that aspect reminds me that I need to daily be seeking Christ in all my thoughts and actions. I need to be doing what God wants me to do and not others and I need to be setting the example of Christ. And that's why this book, 'Big Girls don't Whine,' has had such an impact on who I am.

It challenges me to grow up and grow out of these immature qualities that set a bad example for Christ and even fellow Christians. I want those watching (without my knowing) my life to be able to see Christ in all that I do. I don't want to second guess my actions/words of the day and I don't want to have any regrets.

This book has really helped me to look at life in a different way, to find joy in different situations and be happy and content in who God created me to be as well as stepping up to the plate and doing some things or thinking some ways that take effort. That's a lot of things for just one book to cover but it does. Relationships, marriage, motherhood, etc...

Seriously though... it's a great book and can change you dramatically IF you are WILLING to let God WORK in you. If anyone reads this book (big girls don't whine by Jan Silvious), I would love to hear your take on it!

Now... I feel like I just wrote a book report. LOL

Here's a simple example on how it makes me think differently than I have in the past...
Today I had a lot of errands to run before (1:30pm... my choice) but as I was quickly walking from the 7Eleven to the ATM, I was struck by an insight (hold on this is a big one....) just because I'm in a hurry doesn't mean that everyone else is! I know shocker eh? But this is my train of thought now... it's not about me and life doesn't revolve around me. I continued thinking and realized that I have no reason to get frustrated or angry at the people in front of me who are taking a leisurely stroll or window shopping because if I want to be honest about it... it's my fault for waiting until the last day to run these errands. So instead of getting frustrated... I took a deep breathe and enjoyed the walk on a gorgeous, sunny day with the most precious little girl ever!

And with that I'm off to Thailand for some R&R, fun in the sun, sand in the toes... you get the idea. LOL

'See' you next week!


nora long said...

Have a great time on your R&R! I also wanted to tell you that while being a PW can be difficult, demanding, and sometimes hurtful, there are a lot of people who have a special love for PWs. I always think of my Mom, who would go out of her way to show extra kindness to the PWs at our church. And, there are many women who pray specifically for the emotional health of the PWs. All that to say, the "squeeky wheels" are the ones who get noticed, but there are many more qiet ones who are just loving and praying for you.

Andrea* said...

Have a great time Melissa! Take LOTS of pics! Thanks for the recap, its always a good thing to hear.

Margie said...

Great insight Melissa!! I've learned a lot over the years as a PW-I understand God's grace all the more :) Have a wonderful holiday!!!