Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Decisions... please pray for me

I never in my life thought choosing where we lived would be so hard. I think what makes it so hard is the budget we are on. To get what we need, we need to move further out away from the city. Which is totally cool with me... means less people (is that really possible in HK?) more space, and cleaner air (again.. I often wonder how this is possible but anyway...). But the problem lies in time and amenities... the amount of travel time increases and amenities decrease. We found this absolutely, incredible flat. It's just gorgeous... beautiful wood carvings on the doors, the trim is beautiful as well, the layout is fantastic, the size incredible, windows to die for and some wonderful views as well. Location... perfect for all of our students, close to the KCR, not too far away from church (so that's a blessing), peaceful... set away from the city. The only negative lies in the amenities. There is a small outdoor playground, small indoor playroom, and gym but no pool. I struggle with this... mainly because I have great amenities right now and I worry about them not being available (even the size of the play areas) and how I will entertain Isabella. I worry about the ease of what we have now and what life will be like without that.

So I'm busy doing some research. Researching playgroups in that area, children's classes like Kindermusik, parks and playgrounds, pool memberships, ect. I'm praying that I will find exactly what I'm looking for because I really do love this flat but I'm nervous. Ahhh... please pray for me. I don't want to be greedy but I want to be realistic as well.

Maybe I should make a list of the pros/cons here and any readers can feel free to post your opinions....

Pros-Excellent location for our students
Large Flat
Just a short bus ride from the KCR
Great views of mountains
Not too far from church or school where Mike's office is
Set away from the rush of the city
Hiking is pretty close
Can rent bicycles at KCR station
Less people

Cons-Small bathtubs
Small play areas
No pool
Shopping is not within walking distance (well it is but more like 15 minutes compared to our 2 minutes now)
Walks around our complex would be on a sidewalk next to a road versus our promenade right now
Less people (may be harder to meet people)

I would love to hear anyone's thoughts.... I know what way I'm leaning but I'm still nervous.

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Margie said...

I am praying for you!! I know it's hard but the answer will come! Sometimes what seems like a negative is going to worked out and something else can take its place. Write your list, but then hand it over to God-He might have a different list :)