Friday, April 07, 2006


Aghhhh.... what a waste of a morning! I was so frustrated as we looked at flats. When I made the call last night, I told them our price limit and what I found on their website and they said okay, they would take us to the two flats. Turns out the price on the internet was an old 'bait and switch' (to get people to look) and they wanted well over 2,000$ more than we could afford. On top of that... they showed us the same exact flat that Mike had seen a few weeks ago! It was so frustrating because the one that Mike saw is one we both liked and had the amenities I would like and I was thrilled thinking we could afford this.... only to learn the truth. So... now I feel pressured. I don't want to lose the option of this 'big' flat but I still want to look.

We had revolve at our place tonight and I was just thrilled. I put Isabella to bed early so I could participate in the discussion without worrying about her and I'm so glad I did. We talked about friendship and it was so neat to discuss this with our students. We have very bright students who are good thinkers and I was able to throw out a few questions to challenge them as well as to hear their thoughts. One question was: Is it right for Christians to be seeking attention? We talked about how some Christians do sinful things for attention and as their friends, how do we 'in love' show them and help them through this. One student suggested that maybe they are starving for attention and that we should give attention to the positive aspects of their lives and that's when I asked if it was right for Christians to be seeking attention? My reason for asking this is because I find myself at times looking for attention and it's at those times that I realize my relationship with the Lord is struggling. I find that I don't need 'attention' from others when I'm focused on Christ because I see my importance and identity in Him.

Another thought came up about what happens that first time you see/talk to someone after you have confronted that person... usually awkwardness. Another student said, "Yeah... I've heard about that before. That's why when I've been in that situation, I usually make an effort to see/talk to them right away so that awkwardness doesn't end our friendship." What an incredible attitude to take! You making the effort to show that person you truly do care about them and what you said wasn't from a spiteful attitude or heart.

Another comment this same student shared was this... 'When someone is seeking attention, others know it but it's when someone isn't seeking that attention that others look up to them and have respect." Wow... this is coming from a high-school student. This statement has really made me think this evening... thinking about my words and actions. I don't want to be a person that people think 'there she goes again... looking for attention.' I don't want to be a person who is seeking the attention of others. I want to be confident in my relationship with God so much so that I can completely and utterly say my identity is in Him. The one who has saved my soul, the one who gives me peace, joy, love. The one who, as we celebrate very soon, died on the cross so that I may have a personal relationship with Him and spend eternity in Heaven.

There was some good discussion this evening and I was impressed by how Mike challenged these students to be the type of friend that they would expect in return. I don't think friendship or how to be a good friend is a subject that's discussed very often. It seems like it should be so easy and natural but it's not. Friendship is just like marriage. It takes a lot of work but when you've made the effort you have friends that will last a lifetime. And not just the surface level friendships most of us probably have that you 'catch up' with each time you see them but deep, solid, support groups that as my book would say are "Big Girl" friendships. I know I have work to do in this department but I'm truly blessed to say that I have two lifetime friends (and man am I missing you!)

Isabella update... she's taking more steps! I learned a new trick to help her out and she took three solid, balanced steps this evening. Now... I'm working with her with the video camera in hand so that I won't miss the first significant amount of steps.

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