Thursday, April 06, 2006

So many blessings=long post

I didn't realize it was another red day today until yesterday so what a great treat to have Mike home with us for the day. We were kinda lazy and just hung around the flat most of the day. Mike did meet a friend for coffee and I took Isabella to the playgrounds but that was about it. We've been out every day for the past 4 days so I thought it was best to get Isabella to bed on time for a change.

So some cool things happened today... I got in contact with two of my fellow Camp China teachers! It turns out our friends Chris and Athania (HK friends) are good friends with Jared (who I taught English with a few years ago at a summer English Camp.) I was looking at their (C&A) web-site and they had a link to Jared's site. When I got onto his, I found the email address of my team leader Amy! So I sent them both an email and I already heard back from Amy! I can't tell you how exciting this is for me. I often think about my teammates and now I know at least where two of them are.

I met a little boy named Ray today. He was really proud of his English skills (he's Japanese) so he told me all about the school he attends. He enjoyed talking with us so much that he walked us back to our building when it was time to eat dinner. I told him that we come to the playgrounds pretty often so to look for us the next time he was out riding his scooter. He was so excited. LOL

I ran into the pregnant lady again and AGAIN forgot to ask her name. Grrr... but I did think to ask where she lived. Here's praying I run into her one more time before she has the baby.

So I have a fearless daughter at 10 months... that's a bit scary for me but forces me to put even more trust in our loving God. Today she managed to climb up onto the slide and then proceded to climb the whole way to the top of it... without any help from me. I couldn't believe it. My baby's growing so fast! Got some cute pictures out of our adventure today though.

Exciting news... We're headed to THAILAND!!!!!!!! Finally, all the details have come together and we leave the 22nd. Am so excited. You have to check out this resort It's so family friendly and perfect for the Rose's. Swimming, hiking, good food.... ahhh can't wait!

Decided to revamp my blog a bit. I was motivated by Margie (choose the way) to make a new header and once I made that, I thought a new template would be nice too. It's so nice to be able to change this so quickly and easy.

One final thought... been reading more of my book and these two statements caught my attention.
1. You can always add to a conversation at the appropriate time, but you never can erase the words once spoken.
Yikes... but so true. I used to just open my mouth and spill and because of that I've hurt and been hurt by people. Made me question why we often don't think before we speak or the saying 'it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission.' If you think about it really, it's just asking for problems. I think I need to grow in this area and become more like our former pastor, Bob. He always listened before speaking and you knew he was praying the whole time for the right words to say because when he would speak, wisdom and encouragement would just spill out.

2. Big Girls can see more than one side to any situation.
Another yikes... although I like to think I've really grown in this area. I used to really struggle with this and it caused me quite a lot of problems when I first became a Christ follower. It was always very easy for me to take sides with someone based on what they just told me... never considering the other person's feelings. Now... I listen and consider the 'other side.' This is not always easy because you always want to support those that you love but I feel this quality is important in a solid friendship. Why? Because you know you can share your heart and your friend will be honest with you. They'll sympathize with your feelings but not immediately agree with you without helping you talk though the 'other side.' They can help you to see where you may be wrong too. My friend Rachel is incredible at this and I pray that I've grown and will continue to grow in this area.

And now the book has ended.

Proverbs 16:9 “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”

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