Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blessings and More pictures

Isabella woke up at 6:30 but I asked Mike if we could let her cry a bit and see if she fell back to sleep. I guess it worked because the next time I looked at the clock it was 8:30. I could hardly believe it. How awesome to have your first blessing of the day to come the minute you wake up!

After her morning nap, I took Isabella to the play room and she had a blast climbing the playground equipment and playing with some other little girls. It was quite crowded today... the students are out of school for spring break so many came there to release some energy. We stayed for about an hour and then we hung out on the promenade where I got some more adorable pictures. Our daughter truly loves being outside and her smiles make that obvious. She took an incredible afternoon nap which allowed me to exercise, get dinner ready, and pick up a bit as well.

A huge blessing today was Isabella's happiness. She's not the best sleeper but when she has good nights and good naps, she's amazingly cheerful and gliggly. (Doubt that's a word but tha's the best way to describe it.) Today was one of those days and we had a wonderful day today playing and singing. She also took a significant number of steps this evening and we caught all of it on video. Now we just have to work on our web-site so that you can see her too.

We talked with our landlord today and he told us that he would talk to his agent and we could move whenever he gets a new renter. This was exciting to us because Laguna Verde is becoming quite the place to live and we feel it won't take long to find someone. The agent also called us and is showing Mike some flats tomorrow. So... we could have a new place and be moved in a short time! We are really thrilled on how this is all working out. It can be hard to place your complete trust in the Lord but every time I do, I'm amazed at how He works out the details.

Tomorrow we meet Cindy and Lillian for lunch and that will be fun and this weekend I've decided to go to the Empty retreat. I don't know how involved I will get to be but at least we'll be able to get away for a few days. It's on an island that doesn't allow cars so there's lots of walking and beaches to play on. Please pray for good weather!

Oh almost forgot... a big Thank You goes out to Margie (choose the way) for the sweetest comment on her blog. I was so surprised and honored about the kind things you said. What a great thing to brighten someones day!

Here is my one piece of wisdom to pass on. Proverbs 3:5,6
The journaling reads:
This became my life verse the summer I spent in China. I spent 6
weeks with 12 college students I had never met teaching English
in a country I knew nothing about. I left the states very
immature and childish in my faith but returned completely changed.
I discovered what it was like to put my complete trust in the Lord,
what it was like to be confident in who God created me to be, and
what it was like to let God guide my life.

This verse teaches us a way to live life to where we can enjoy it
to the fullest. Nothing is more fulfilling than a personal
relationship with Jesus Chirst. It sets us free from trying to
please others, to plan out the details of our lives, from making
mistakes that have a negative effect on our lives. It allows us to
be who we are, experience true joy, and gives us peace in trying

May you learn the truths and promises of this verse early in life
that you never have to question who you are and what your purpose in
life is.

Used Andrea Victoria's Blueblush, Sara Carlings In the Garden, Christy Lyle's A Mother's Love


Andrée said...

Your dd is SO cute! Yay for taking steps! Your day sounds like it was a great one! I love when they have happy days, it just really makes everything else worth it! The layout is great Love that shot too.

JennStar said...

What a beautiful LO! And such a wonderful topic. So glad yo got to sleep in this morning. It does wonders for your day when you get a few extra moments of rest before it begins!