Monday, April 10, 2006

Of all days....

to forget my camera... I would have had some of the cutest photos yesterday. Mike dressed Isabella for church in the most darling dress and I didn't get any pictures of her AND some students joined us for dinner and on the way to Outback, Isabella held David's hand (as she sat in the stroller) the whole way! It was priceless! I'm so bummed that I missed these wonderful photo opportunities.

Other than missing these pictures... Sunday was a great day. I was able to play on the worship team and even participate a bit in Sunday School. I'm always thankful for these opportunities because they just don't happen as often as I'm used to. Lunch with our students was awesome and Isabella had her first meal off of a menu. Mac n' Cheese Our evening was restful until we went grocery shopping. Isabella and Daddy were playing and she accidentally poked him in the eye. You wouldn't think that was a major thing but her nails were a bit long and she ended up cutting Mike's eye.

PTL for our Dr who got him an appointment today. He had to wear a patch for a few hours and has some drops to put in but besides the constant watering... he'll be okay. Please pray for him though... this makes him very sensitive to any type of light and besides work he also has a rough draft to be completed for his grad school.

We had our family dinner with Brian tonight which of course is always fun. We watched Anchorman and I must admit... it's quite funny. I found myself laughing as much as I do when I watch Bruce Almighty.

More on the book I'm reading... I just have to post this paragraph because it's so thought provoking if you take it seriously. I read it last night and will probably re-read it a few more times to grasp all that it has to offer.

"The tongue is one of the first markers of maturity. If you want to give yourself a personal maturity check-up, you can begin by listening to yourself. How do you speak? What is the tone of what you say? Do you sound the way you want to sound, or do you sound like a whiny girl? Your words are a dead giveaway, especially if you are tired, hungry, or just plain ticked. Little-Girl speech can be defined as saying what you want to say, when you want to say it, to whomever you want to say it. It takes no one else into consideration. It is speech that is useful to achieve certain kinds of short-term goals, but in the long term, it is always costly. The Little Girl in you will want to be heard and may blurt out things she really doesn't mean. With practice, you might even recognize what's happening and hear yourself say, 'Where did that come from?' Well my dear, it came from you, your will, and your emtions."

This book is just incredible. I've mentioned this before but if you are truly seeking to grow in who God has created you to be... READ THIS! It's so challenging but so freeing as well. If your heart is right... it helps point out areas in your life that desperately need changing but is also encouraging to see the type of life you can live by becoming a 'Big Girl.' It doesn't beat you down either but motivates you on this journey and helps you to understand that yes, you can do it but only with God's help. I'm enjoying this book so much. It's hard because I see myself in a lot of these examples but I'm encouraged to learn that I can overcome these bad habits.

Thanks to those that answered my question. I loved hearing your pieces of wisdom!

Well... it's late and Isabella is getting up super early (well at least for me) these days. It's hard to believe it's Easter week already. Brings so many thoughts to mind but I'll leave those for another day.

Hope your Monday is filled with Joy!

A fun picture I took today.

Andrea Burns' Robins Nest Kit

Julie Howard's Mudslide Kit


Margie said...

Beautiful layouts!! I love the part that you quoted from the book-very thought provoking! I can't wait to get this book!

Andrée said...

Love the layouts! That paragraph WAS thought provoking, sounds like a wonderfull read. Oh and I totally forgot my camera this weekend too, and wouldn't you know it, there was an easter farm at the mall we went! Ao'h