Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lots o pictures!

I still have quite a few things I want to get done before bed so this will be brief with lots of pictures!

Haze? Pollution? If you didn't know HK Island exsisted you would have thought our building was right along the ocean. It was so hazy and polluted that you couldn't even see the buildings across the harbour! Amazing...

We've lost some clothing... we take some things to laundry service because they dry everything and after airing out a few times our clothing stretches and we need to get it back into shape. LOL However, I discovered yesterday that the last time we did this we didn't get all of our clothing back. The owner said he'd look for them but doubt he'll find them anywhere. What to do now... hmmm.

Only 1 1/2 more days until we leave for Thailand!!!!!!!!!! So excited! And how perfect timing this is because Mike's current class (and last one until mid-June) ends this weekend so he'll really be able to rest. Yeah!

So on to the pictures. Seriously... our daughter is interested in nothing but climbing. Today she managed to climb up the steeper slide and while at home she climbed all over me, the couch, and her bigger toys. We better find a flat with lots of space or she'll go stir crazy! LOL

We had tons of fun at the park today and here are some of my favorite pictures. There's a few more but I'll have to post them tomorrow.


Charlene said...

I see some fun scrapbook pages coming out of these! They're great :)

Stephanie said...

She is adorable and the photos are just great!

Andrea* said...

Melissa~ that first picture is amazing! Great job!!