Wednesday, April 12, 2006


My day always starts off great when I roll over and the clock says it's 8am or later. LOL This is two days in a row. Makes up for the fact that it takes me hours to fall asleep now. Not sure what the deal is with that but it may have to due with my hubby tickling me and talking so much! (just kidding! had to put that in there for him... i'm the one who gets the giggles and decides to ask thought provoking questions at the worst times possible!)

We met Cindy and Lillian for lunch at Fridays and then for some shopping at the Esprit outlet. I can always find a bargain there and I got a great skirt and a pair of pants that I just love. (Thinking of going back to see if they have them in other colors. LOL) I was looking for a fun beachy dress to wear in Thailand but no luck. Anyway... it was really good to spend some time with the two of them. Isabella was trying to entertain Lillian and really got her to smile. It was so cute but again I forgot my camera.

We took a walk, as a family, to Pacific Coffee for a chillino before Mike had prayer meeting and then to Jusco to find a straw cup for Isabella. Finally.. we had luck. It's so funny to me that she can drink from a straw but not a sippy cup.

One of my assignments for scrapping was to use this paperpack from Andrea Burns that includes all the months. I struggled at first on how I was going to use them and then these words just came to mind. "Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Happy, Sad, Cranky, Sick, I will love you, 365, 24/7, in all circumstances for you are a gift from God." I knew immediately I wanted to scrap this picture of Mike. I just love it. It's just him being himself. So once I had the idea in my head.. the LO came together pretty quickly. It's very different from my normal scrapping style but I just love it.

So my thought for the day has been... if God tells you to do something, does Satan turn around and make you have doubts? For example, if you have been praying about a ministry opportunity and out of the blue you get what you think is the perfect idea which you feel is God leading you... but later that day you begin to doubt your feelings and think... man that's a stupid idea. Is that Satan placing doubt in your mind? Or is that stopping you from doing something you want to rather than what God wants you to?

Now... off to read my book.

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Andrée said...

Ah, so that layout is yours! AWESOME, I saw it on Andrea's site :) You're one talented chica! No wonder you're on her CT ;)