Saturday, April 28, 2007

totally random

1. Last night I was sitting in bed with the window and curtains open, realizing how many people I'm surrounded by constantly and how much light there is. And then I began to wonder.... if we ever move from here to a much less populated place.... will I be lonely and afraid of the dark?

2. Then we had another unusual night with Izzy and it was about 2:15 when I finally got to my bed. Mike is attempting to run this morning (praying really hard that he's ok) and got up very early and Isabella decided to join him (in waking up that is) but Mike brought her in to our room and she fell back asleep with me. Is it really after 10? Am I dreaming???? I guess this makes up for staying up so late! And that fact that we are listening to Veggie Tales and she's doing all the motions for the songs makes me so happy. I LOVE this girl!

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forgiven4this said...

Hi there, i came across your amazing blog and I believe for a reason. Loved the blog, blessings