Saturday, April 07, 2007

Coloring Eggs

250+ eggs later and we're all ready for the egg hunt tomorrow after church! It was quite the adventure as we were dying brown eggs and were limited in our food color choices but in the end... everything worked out and we had fun in the process. Grace, Jason and Hannah came over to help and then Hannah hung around for a bit. I'm glad she did... it's been awhile and I enjoy her company. I'm really excited about the hunt.. don't really know why but I enjoy doing things for other people and giving gifts and it was so much fun picking out prizes for the children. I just hope we have a good turn out and that the children enjoy it. fun pics to come tomorrow. :)

I thought I had more to share this evening but my mind is escaping me. We have a busy day planned for tomorrow... dinner with one family and a birthday party with another but it will be great to be with friends. Only 2 more days until we leave for Thailand and I just can't wait. I officially won the competition between Mike and I so Monday I get to do some shopping. I'm really excited and trying to decide on what I want to get. I know I want to get a few things from Esprit but I'm also looking at a Nike+ workout and some running shorts.

So I'm totally rambling to take up space... maybe it'll come to me later. Hope this Saturday finds you rejoicing in how much God loves you!

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