Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just one more reason I love my hubby..

I've been reading a book called 'Little Angels.' It's about Thai boys that become Novice Monks because of a variety of reasons but mainly poverty... where the parents can't afford to feed or educate them so they send them off to either Bangkok or to a monastary. It's an excellent book but also terribly heartbreaking. It's amazing to me how these monastaries take in these boys at no cost and provide education, food, etc... (now I know that the community helps to support the monastary) but I guess I'm just amazed at how all this works. Anyway... all I can think about is why there aren't (or if there are, i want to know about them) Christians or Christian organizations that do this very same thing. I'm sure fiances are an issue and I don't even know if they would be permitted to do such a thing but.... thousands of boys are growing up in Buddhist Monastaries, developing a passion for living as Buddha did, trying to follow the precepts and rules of Buddhism, etc... what an incredible opportunity this would be for us to share Christ's love for us to thousands and thousands of Thai children that can turn around and share that love with their families and villages.

So anyway... I was sharing my heart with Mike last night in bed and he didn't blow me off, didn't treat me like what I was sharing was dumb or unrealistic, didn't just agree and stop the conversation there... in fact he did the total opposite. He encouraged me to dream big and think about what I could do to help. It just blew my mind and made me grin from ear to ear dreaming about how God could work in a situation like this. He (MIke) has incredible faith and is so good at pushing others to dream big and challenging others to let God work in their lives.... just another reason why I'm so blessed to call him my 'spouse.'

On a totally random note (and why I referred to Mike as my spouse...)... I joined the facebook cult yesterday. for those of you who don't know what it is, it's just a way of connecting with people (you might know myspace) and Hannah has been teasing me saying I needed to join and after Mike did and had so many friends... I decided to join to (I got a special request today from Mike asking me to be his spouse so that's why I referred to him that way). It's been awesome because I've heard from people that I haven't spoken to in such a long time. Hannah is now teasing me that I'll be addicted and i'm sure I will be because it's a lot easier to write on someone's wall (kinda like posting a comment on a blog) than writing a full length email all the time. That probably sounds awful but at least I'll know the current news on all my friends.

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