Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Little miracles

I have so much to write about our trip but my eye has been bothering me since I got bit (story to come) and I got sick on the plane so I'm not feeling the greatest BUT I have to share this story because it just amazes me and makes me smile. I always say that God is in everything, that He answers prayer, that He works miracles, etc... but it can be easy not to see Him, not to recognize what He's done or doing, or to overlook what seems like a coincidence/ or something minute. And while this story is simple, while it's about something stupid and some may say that I am over-spiritualizing... I have no doubt that God answered this simple prayer and blessed my heart.

At Christmas-time (actually the day we visited the Buddha), we bought Izzy a pair of fake crocs because we thought they were just adorable on her. I personally think they're ugly for adults but quite cute on kids but I digress.... we had a nice lime green pair but due to me getting sick on the bus to the buddha, the shoes being a bit to big and then hurrying off the bus... we lost one but she still loved playing with the one. I think because it was so easy for her to get them on. We were bummed but never ran into any other markets that sold them. Ok.. that was the background. lol

So imagine our (and Izzy's too.. she loves shoes) excitement when the Hua Hin market had stall after stall of 'apples aka crocs.' So the first night we were there, we picked up another pair of lime green crocs only they were a bit too big for her. But that was okay because we wanted them to last for awhile. We ended up going back to the market and decided to get her another pair of pink ones that fit perfectly since they were so cheap.

Isabella just loved them and we thought she just looked so cute. As I was packing last night, I realized that one of the pink shoes was missing. I was totally bummed but there was no time to search the resort for one shoe. I went to bed saying a quick little prayer asking for a miracle... that this shoe would just show up when I got up in the morning (knowing I wouldn't have time to look anywhere since we were leaving so early and that I had already searched our room.) We packed the car at about four am and I did one more search in our room for this shoe... nothing. I was so bummed but there was nothing I could do so we got in the van to head back to Bangkok. We drove the four+ hrs to Bangkok and as we opened the van door to get out Hannah said, 'Was it a pink croc you were looking for?' 'Yeah why?' 'There's one right here.' I couldn't believe it! It was Izzy's shoe. I know this sounds like a corny story but I just know that God answered this little prayer. The resort has numerous vehicles that are used for transporting people... some would say that it was just a coincidence that we ended up in this particular van but in my heart, I knew it was God answering prayer... giving me a little sunshine... reminding me that He cares about the little things too.

Wow.... it was a fabulous holiday!!! I read some incredible books, was challenged in my faith, and enjoyed every second with my family. I can't wait to recollect it by writing and sharing pictures!


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