Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I just love this picture that Hannah took of Mike and I. It's not very often that we get one of these.

I've been having some issues with my eyes... I got bitten (at least I think so) by something in Thailand and just when that started to heal, I got bitten by something here on the other eye and then the first eye had an allergic reaction to my contacts. So since returning from holiday... I haven't run at all and let me tell you, I fell just blah and I know that's why. However, I'm having a bit of motivation issues so I decided to join a Nike+ challenge. This one is an elimination challenge so I'm hoping it will motivate me to push a bit harder. It takes the average miles run by all runners and then choses an eliminating number and by doing it this way... I won 't know the eliminating miles until the day before so hopefully it'll force me to run the most I possibly could in attempts not to get eliminated. I'm also trying to figure out the best running time for myself. I'm going to attempt a late night run and an early morning ran and see what plan I could stick with better... since the heat is just around the corner, I know afternoon runs are out of the picture unless it's inside.

We've had some fun and crazy days since last Sat. Sunday we went tubing/wakeboarding and hung around Sai Kung. It was loads of fun and Isabella did great on the boat. I have a bit of fear of the ocean, especially when it's an overcast day, and since Sunday was, I didn't attempt either but rather just enjoyed the boat ride. I vowed to myself that the next time I will try but I really didn't have an desire to on Sunday. Monday, we went flat searching again, actually to one of the two we're choosing between, and looked around the area so to what was available. Yesterday we had a Dr's appt and dinner with Dan and Geeta and today we met Jill and Hunter for some warehouse shopping at Toys r Us and then Hunter came over for the evening to play. It was so cute to watch Izzy with Hunter... she was quite the big sis... giving him water, showing him how to play with certain toys, wanting whatever he decided to play with. LOL It was a fun day.

Izzy's asthma is acting up again but thankfully we got extra meds this time so it should only take a month to ward off the symptoms until the weather changes again. And she got her chicken pox shot so that she can now attend school... sigh... that makes me sad but it's reality in HK so I guess I better 'do the right thing' and start investigating different schools. :(

I know I had something else to write.. oh yeah. I feel like in a matter of just a few days, Izzy has exploded in her development! Though her vocab still is not that large, the words are coming like crazy and she's able to do all the correct motions for quite a few songs. After watching her and Hunter this evening, I realized how much of a little girl she really is... no longer my baby. But I'm so excited to teach her more and more songs and I've actually got a verse in mind that I can teach her motions to so maybe tomorrow we'll see how that goes.

Well.. it's really late and I really should get to bed. Have a great day!


hauntedonecat said...

What a great photo of you guys! Hope your eyes clear up soon!

Mary E said...

Awesome header. Those are great pictures. I hope your eyes get better and good luck with challenge. You sound siked.

Traci said...

You are a brave soul! I hate running! Though I LOVE the elliptical at the gym! I did 4 miles in 45 minutes yesterday, which is big for me since I haven't done any working out in years, yay us!!

Andrea* said...

nice pic melissa! a deff. treasure! Hey you can just right click and take the running man off my site, its cool.