Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I am SOOOO frustrated!!!! I don't know exactly what the problem is but I'm assuming it was the time difference but my May 1st run is not showing up in my challenge!! :( I'm praying this won't cost me elimination but I'm not sure... one guy ran 18+ miles in one day! Wow... inspiring. ;) However, I decided to use it in my miles tracking so that I can know how much I ran in one month.

But alas.... some good news!!! We are moving and very soon!!! We sign our contract on friday and start moving on Saturday! I'm so excited... we even get to paint the walls to our liking. I know I'm miss Whampoa and some of the conveinences but Ma On Shan will be great... it'll teach Izzy how to love the sand. Well.. at least I hope. :)

And... Isabella's birthday party is all set! I just have to send out the invited tomorrow. The family that allows us use their roof-top are so generouse and helpful and etc... I can't even begin to explain how helpful and kind they have been to us about her party.

Well.. I have more to share but I'm gonna chill in our bed watching a movie. Have a great night! (or day I guess)

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