Friday, April 27, 2007

Beautiful days are not an Accident

"I am convinced that beautiful days are not an accident. God made days like these specifically for us to enjoy. I decided I need to enjoy simple blessings, like a beautiful day with singing birds, much more often. Every day, in fact. I think that if I can learn to appreciate the little things God blesses me with on a daily basis, then I will come to better understand just how much He loves me. And understanding that will help me love others better." I did a little blog hopping yesterday and was so touched and challenged by these words that I had to copy and paste it here. I've found myself dealing with so many ups and downs lately that I've been missing the simple blessings from God... and her words helped me to appreciate all that happened today.

My heart is leaping with joy but overcome with reality and sadness at the same time. I had the most wonderful afternoon with my friends. We met for lunch at McDonalds (ok so that part wasn't the greatest but the kids enjoyed it) and then spent the entire afternoon at the park... chatting and watching our little ones interact. They're all within 1yr of each other so it's tons of fun for everyone. The weather couldn't have been any better and it was so nice to be outside. We had some really good and in depth conversations and Vivian had the opportunity to share God's working in her life to another friend who does not know the Lord. It was amazing! This was the first time that I really felt that we were friends. It's wierd I know because I spend a lot of time with these women but the conversation always seems to be surface level... simply because we are always chasing our children around while trying to have a conversation. We all walked away basically saying, 'why don't we do this everyday?' And I can't tell you how great that made me feel.

But in the midst of our conversation... I just asked Vivian the question (it's been talked about before but there was never a direct question or answer) ... will they move after their contract is up (which is next summer) and without even thinking she said, 'Yes.' My heart just sank. This is now the 2nd friend that is definately moving come next year with the possibility of at least one more. I know it's the reality of life here in HK and maybe in time I'll adjust to it but right now it's still very difficult for me to deal with. It takes me a lot of courage to build friendships because I'm naturally a shy person (well until you get to know me) and it's taken 2yrs to develop the friends I currently have. The thought of starting over is very scary. That's why while I'm very anxious to move, I'm not looking forward to it because I know I'll have to meet new people and start the friendship process all over again. I love that I can call at least 2 of my friends at any given moment and say, 'hey let's meet at the park' and they'd be there in a heartbeat... now I gotta do it all over again. But deep down... I know that God will help me, He'll bring people into my life wherever we move... just like He did here in Whampoa. And that's also very exciting to me because I've love meeting people from all over the world, learning new things, and building relationships and I can't wait to see what God has in store. (Can you sense the ups and downs... even within the sentences? lol)

I've been weighing the pros and cons of a running stroller... if it would help me to be able to run whenever I want too... I'd do it in a heartbeat but I'm nervous that Izzy will get bored easily and that I'll always have to cut my runs short. My goal when I go out is a minimum of 5K (and I think Izzy could probably handle that) but if I'm serious about a 1/2 marathon in the fall, I need to run for at least an hour a day and well... not sure I could entertain her that long. So I may check some out next week... it could be a great Mother's day gift eh? LOL

I've been thinking a lot about Izzy's birthday party and I'm bummed that at least one of her little friends won't be able to come.... they'll be in India and Adelina may be having the twins but she promised to be there, even if she had to leave the hospital for a few hours. LOL I smiled when she said that because while I know it wouldn't happen... it meant a lot that she cared that much. If I can find some Elmo stuff, it's definitely going to be an Elmo party. This kid just screams when she see's anything Elmo related. But it seems that most kids do... I was looking around in some of the scrapping galleries and Elmo seems to be quite popular for a 2yr old. :) 2... wow! I can't believe my baby's turning two. We already have her gift (I bought it in the states) but I think she's going to be a bit spoiled this year. We're thinking of getting her a bike because she ALWAYS wants to climb onto the ones at the park and at the stores and Mike found a foldable one so it shouldn't be too much of a storage problem. She's also getting a new bed when we move but we don't really have an option on that one. I think we're going with an Ikea bed that's loft-like so there will be space underneath for her toys. That's what we're all about... maximizing space. :)

Well... I've rambled enough. I think I'm going to read a bit. Have a great day!

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