Saturday, June 16, 2007

A tribute to.... Daddy

If only I could express (in words) the thoughts that run thru my head to let my Daddy know how much I love him. So mama decided she would help me out. She'll write the words and I'll show you the pictures...

Daddy introduces me to all sorts of new things... (sometimes things that Mama would never do or even like this horse on the beach in Thailand, and football, and picking my nose. (hehe)

He's also my protector. When I'm afraid... He comforts me (like when I don't like to stand on the sand)... He watches out for
me and prays with me.

Daddy listens to what I have to say... even when he doesn't understand a thing. He loves telling me stories too but most of all I love our 'home from work' squeezes where he just let's me know how much he missed me. I don't always sqeeze back but it's not because I don't love him... I'm just too much like him and can't sit still.

I love it when Daddy plays with me. He's rougher than mama and pushes me to try new things. But I also love it when he allows me to choose the activity and he plays along no matter how boring or girly it is for him.

Daddy is a godly man who teaches me to have faith and trust in God. He prays with me every night and sets a wonderful example of what it means to wholeheartedly follow the Lord. I'm so blessed!

I could go on and on but mama says it's time for bed. So I'll simply close with....

I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!! HAPPY fATHEr's DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


forgiven4this said...

Aww what beautiful pictures...thanks so much for sharing...

Lena Brandenburg said...

This is so touching. Brought tears to my eyes!