Friday, June 08, 2007

Surrounded by Darkness

That's how my day was today... not by bad news but no lights, curtains shut... my eye was just too sensitive to handle much. I really thought I'd wake up and it'd be much better. The pain seems to be gone but the sensitivity... oh my... still there. I'm praying very hard that it disappears by late afternoon tomorrow so I can enjoy our special anniversary date. It's not often that someone inisists on babysitting so I must take them up on their offer.

Despite the stormy weather (actually I was quite thankful for it) we had a great day. Izzy and I fingerpainted for quite some time this morning, built with her blocks, sang, watched some tv, took 2 bubble baths... and this afternoon Amy had us come over for just a bit so Izzy could spend some time with her children to see if she'd be comfortable staying with them. Amy is very willing to do some babysitting swapping (what a HUGE blessing) and we want to get started soon so we're trying to spend as much time together as we can so the children are comfortable with each other and with us mom's. Isabella had no problems and cried the whole way home because we had to leave but she quickly got over it when we walked in the door and Becky was there.

We had the youth to our place for the evening and it was great. I haven't seen Izzy put on a show like she did tonight since Grandma and Papa were here last summer. Everyone (even all the boys) just love her and take time to play with her and it just blesses my heart. Becky responded instantly when Izzy said, 'come with me.' Justin drew with her. Ben allowed her to jump into his lap and helped her with this winnie the pooh toy. Nancy let her literally jump into her lap and eat her pizza. Even Toby (who says little kids scare him) played catch with her. And all the others just followed and responded to her... made her laugh. I love that they love her.

Tomorrow marks a big day for Mike and I... 6yrs! Crazy isn't it!

Okay.. back into my cave.


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