Saturday, June 09, 2007

6 Years of Adventure

I really should be going to bed but I had to post this today... just didn't seem right to wait. LOL

Today Mike and I celebrated 6yrs of marriage!!! How exciting to look back on these past years to see where God has brought us! He's taken two people with a plan of their own and softened their hearts so that we followed Him. Our plan was to marry, work doing pretty much whatever would get us out of debt for a few years, then head off to China to teach. Children were like 500 yrs down the road. But just months before marriage we both said (to God in our own private times) 'Whatever you want God' and ended up in full time ministry, moving to Alabama, Minnesota and now Hong Kong... with one precious little girl! Crazy!

We have experienced so much in 6yrs it's unbelievable to me but God has used each and every situation to build our character and strengthen our faith. A family in MN always told us we were wise beyond our years... and while I don't necessarily agree (LOL) it is amazing to me to think about all the things the Lord has challenged us with (good and bad), situations He's called us to lead in (again good and bad), asked us to have faith about and we're still in our twenties. It's exciting and a bit scary to think about what the future holds.

I feel so blessed to have a godly husband who wants nothing more than to serve the Lord with all his heart! Even if we weren't in full time ministry... I know he'd be devoting his life to serving others. It's been so awesome to watch him develop as a Pastor... to watch Him lead... to watch him as a father... to hear his heart... He's passionate, faithful, wise, loving, goofy (as all youth pastor's should be), I could go on and on... but what really matters is his heart for the Lord and the example he sets for our family. It's so awesome to realize that while I could list a million things 6yrs ago that I loved about him.. I could list so much more now and to realize the things that I would've never known about him if we hadn't followed the Lord. I feel blessed to love him more now than ever!

So this evening we celebrated 6 wonderful, exciting years by doing the one thing we've always loved to do together... we went to the movies and saw Ocean's 13. It was great and while tomorrow marks another oridinary day... it begins the next year of adventure for the roses! We look forward to what God has in store for us... and pray that we will always remain focused on Him and keep Him the center of our marriage!


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Rachel Benz said...

Congratulations! It doesn't seem like it's been that long... I guess the older I get the faster time goes by.