Thursday, June 21, 2007


I've been making a list of the things I want to pick up while we're in the states and then I thought to myself... 'Why bother... the chances of me not losing the list is unlikely and if I don't lose it, I'll probably forget it somewhere and then end up forgetting half of what I wanted.' So I decided to make an ongoing list on my blog so that I can refer to here anytime I need to make a temporary list. LOL

Things I NEED (lol) to bring back....
1. Muffin mixes
2. Cheese
3. Shampoo/Mousse (can get it here but it's so much cheaper in the states)
5. fabic softener sheets

Things I'd like to get....
1. More running gear.... shorts and tanks maybe some new shoes
2. Normal shorts cause they don't seem to exsist here
3. Candles
5. Settlers
6. Some magazines
7. Crafts to do with Izzy

Things I would like to do/places I want to go....
1. the ZOO
2. hike
3. bbq with my in-laws
5. Idlewild
6. Teach Izzy how to hit a ball
7. BE OUTSIDE and watch Izzy run around like a crazy girl

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forgiven4this said...

Love the lists...looks like mine hehe : )