Friday, June 01, 2007

A better day :)

Today was a better day though I must have slept funny because my neck is killing me. Oh well... This morning we went over to Jill and Hunter's to swim for a bit and then play in their playroom. It's an amazing playroom with a McDonald's type climbing thing (though all soft) inside. Isabella had a blast! Jill wanted to show me the room before swimming and Isabella actually was willing to give up the 'pooola' to play inside. Now that's saying something. LOL We actually spent last night with them as well... all three (including ryan) came over for dinner and a game of risk which was really fun. I'm really looking forward to having them so close next year (they're moving to Monte Vista in a few weeks.) We've talked about doing a family bowling night once everyone has retuned from summer breaks... hehe. (Yes our complex has it's own bowling alley...4 lanes I believe.. isn't that crazy!)

We headed home just in time for Isabella to squeeze in a nap before our next play date. We were to meet a new mom (Amy) at 4 and her children who live in Blk 7 of our complex. I knew Izzy was tired but I didn't realize how tired until I had to go in and wake her at 4 and this is what I found...

I'm not even sure how she got like that because when I left she was totally covered up and at the right end. Oh well... she seemed happy. But I really wanted to meet Amy so I woke her and she was not happy.... wonder where she gets that from. LOL So we get to the playroom and I realize how late I was (about 10min.. though I did let Amy know I'd be late) but she was nowhere so I wondered if maybe she had come and left already. I was so disappointed and Izzy was not warming up to the idea of being in the playroom so we were just about out the door when I see her come running in. She was so friendly and reminded me so much of my friend Map but anyway... I was wearing my lovely 'Jesus loves MN girls' (love it Hannah!) shirt and one of the first words out of her mouth was...

'Are you a Christian or what does your shirt mean?'
And I thought to myself... 'oh boy this could be fun.' And I said, 'Yes I am and my husband is a Pastor here.'
She replied, 'Oh so you're a missionary?'
Me, 'Yes.'
Amy, 'Wow... so am I! We're with Campus Crusade for Christ.'

And from there we shared how each other was an answer to prayer, talked about our passion for reaching moms, learned a bit about each other, etc... all in 1hr! It was incredible. We even talked about starting to pray together. I'm just amazed and stunned at how God continues to open up doors in this way... I can't even begin to say how excited I was when we came home and to think about how this ministry will begin and how God will draw so many people to himself. SO exciting when you see God at work and join Him... okay can anyone tell me where that statement comes from? LOL (A bit of Experiencing God in there)

So now I'm just giddy thinking about ways to meet new ladies and I can't calm myself to do the things I need to get done this evening. :)

What a great day!!!!

Praise Him from Whom all Blessings flow!


Carolanne said...

That is so exciting! Isn't it awesome how God brings people into our lives in a surprising way. :)

Rachel Benz said...

That is so wonderful Melissa! I am so excited about what God is doing in your lives. Now you know you are in exactly the right place... even if it is so far from your family.

blackpurl said...

I just stumbled across your blog through the CWO blog ring!

May God bless your work! Right now we are in America but we are due back in Russia in July.