Friday, June 22, 2007

Anyone up for a challenge?

Isn't she the cutest? We had another great day today... met Amy, Vienna and Lucas for a trip to Sai Kung this morning and I realized how much moving to Ma On Shan has change my view on living in HK. I absolutley LOVE, LOVE living here despite the long travel time to church. It has opened up so many new areas which are more my style. I can easily go hiking, to the beach, to a little town for some fun vendor shopping. It's just so nice to be away from the heart of everything. And having someone that I can call even at the last minute to come hang out with us... just adds to the fun. This has just been a wonderful week of enjoying the beauty of Hong Kong.

Tomorrow's to be another hot and humid day so we'll probably hit the pool for most of the day. And only 10 days to our missions trip Davao!!!!! So excited!

It's been a tiring week for me and I haven't been feeling well so my running and better eating habits have slacked big time. So I decided in preparation for our trip to the states and lots of popsicles, DQ, chick-fil-a, Papa John's, etc.... I'm going to do another 21 day challenge. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do but I really want to try a cleansing type where I totally limit my sugar, caffeine, and spending on unnecessary items (including foods). Now... that being said.. I need to set some rules and I need another day or two (or one more brownie and coke to do this but I'm actually really excited about it. I really want to change my eating habits to include much healthier items but I know for me personally.. I need more of a drastic approach to get a kick start.

On a side note... I discover how much I enjoy challenges and pushing myself. Like with running... I challenged myself to run a 10K and I had no problems getting my butt moving and then again with the goal of a 1/2 marathon. I challenged myself to stop drinking coke light for 21 days and did it without any major problems. LOL And I've been wanting to eat more fruits and veggies but it wasn't until I started thinking about doing a 21 day challenge in this way that I got really excited and motivated to do it. I guess this can be a good and bad thing but for what I've been pushing/challenging myself with lately has really improved both my physical and spirital health. And I won't complain... just need to keep thinking of new ways to push myself.

Okay... gotta get to bed. Blessings!


kaytebug said...

Sounds like this move has been good for you.
You sound really happy.

Carolanne said...

I find it easier to complete challenges when I put some kind of accountability on it. e.g. Writing on my blog about it.

I'm wondering if I'll do the whole "relook at what foods I'm eating" for my next challenge but we'll see.

Very cute photos!