Friday, June 15, 2007


miles equals.... a HALf-MArATHON!!!! I can't belive it! I finally did it. I completed my first unofficial half-marathon and bumped myself up to 6th place! Wohoo... I feel fabulous... okay well a little sore but fabulous!

Today was just great all around... an easy trip to the store (Izzy was so well behaved the whole time!!!), a little time in the playroom making new friends, some nice treats that we don't get very often (sharp cheddar cheese, trail mix), a little time at the pool (even though it was raining), a little blues clues and 'skek' (aka Shrek.. Izzy's latest movie craze), a great run, daddy came home early to help prepare for the evening and an evening full of youth group students in our flat... in fact some are still here but they're playing xbox so I thought it was okay to veg a bit on my own. Wow... what a day of blessings.

I know there was more that I wanted to write but for now... I'm going to sign off and enjoy the fellowship of a bunch of teens. Have a blessed day!!!

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