Thursday, June 07, 2007

A bit sensitive

I had some great plans for today and tomorrow but I woke up with a terrible case of conjunctivitis and could barely see. I've really struggled with eye allergies here but today was the worst. I've never felt so much pain and sensitivity as I did today. And because of this and not knowing how to find an eye dr and thinking about how I was going to have to travel with Izzy to our family dr and potentially an eye dr. (I thought it was worse than conjunctivitis)... talk about being emotional. I've never wanted to be back in the states as much as I did today. But the Lord allowed me to meet a women on the mini bus and Amy (my new friend) on the shuttle bus back to Monte Vista who helped me tremendously with Izzy and my bags. And when Mike got home, he took Izzy out so I could just cover my head and close my eyes. I'm feeling a bit better but now I'm a bit restless because I napped with Izzy and ended up falling asleep when Mike took Izzy out... now I'm not quite ready to sleep. LOL

Here are some scenery photos from our Junk Boat trip. It was absolutely gorgeous... Hannah you would have loved it! i'll share more about the trip another day but wanted to share these pics. There are some really beautiful spots in HK!

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forgiven4this said...

Sorry to hear about your eyes, hope things get better very soon. Loved the beautiful breathe taking pictures : )