Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Had an interesting Bible study this evening. It was on stewardship and it was interesting not to focus on the money side (which we tend to associate stewardship with). Our focus seemed to be upon using the gifts that God has given us as well as being good stewards of our time. We looked at a lot of different scriptures but the one that got me a bit fired up was the parable of the three servants (Matthew 25:fourteen-30).

We were all being honest and sharing so I took the opportunity to share my heart and try to get some honest feedback. My frustration with this verse is that God's telling us that we are not to waste the gifts that He's given to us and that 'from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.' So why do most churches suffer from the 20/80 principle???? I was not at all trying to be mean or judgemental... I just would really like to know why many people attend church yet so few actually get involved in using their gifts.

I understand that 'time' is always an issue but how is it that some can do it and others can't... are they less busy? Are people not aware of their gifts, do they feel too new in their faith, do they feel unqualified (and if so why don't they seek help to learn).... seriously I'm not trying to be mean... I just don't get it and would love to know how to encourage more people to get involved. I just think of the Children's ministry that I'm involved with right now. Currently, I need 8 teachers to cover every Sunday of the month (that means everyone teaches once a month) If I could recruit 16 teachers that means only teaching once every other month... doesn't seem like to much of a commitment to me and it seems like that should be an easy feet in a church of about 250. But alas... I've got 5. But despite the lower number... they are all passionate about the children and eager to serve and I couldn't be more grateful.

So anyway... I was left with my question unanswered and it made me think about my gifts and how I'm using them within the church and how I could possibly use them outside of the church.

We had a fun day today... we met Amy and Lucas, Jill and Hunter and checked out the Ma On Shan park and indoor playroom. It was really fun to be able to chat and watch the little ones play. Isabella made a few new friends in the playroom and made me really question whether or not I should put her in kindergarten... not necessarily for the education side but because she enjoys being around other children so much that I almost feel like I'm holding her back because I don't want her to go. Anyway...

We came home, Izzy napped and then we met Amy and Lucas again at our playroom. I left with an excitment of seeing God at work. Amy is with Campus Crusade for Christ and has a passion for moms and so she spent the entire hour talking to me about MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and the possibility of starting it here in HK. I'm not totally familiar with this but I am excited about reaching moms and familes for the Lord and it's so cool to have someone to dream/pray/etc with about this. right now we're just trying hard to meet ladies and we'll see where the Lord takes it.

And I've been praying about what to do about this desire in my heart to somehow support those living in poverty in Thailand. My MIL just sent me a video about a cool ministry and so tomorrow my goal is to write to them to learn more about what they do.

On a cute note... Isabella discovered her Tutu on Saturday.

Here she is doing the motions/singing to 'He's got the Whole World in His Hands'

And she refused to take off her Tutu.. so here she is again on Sunday... just dancing to the music.

So after the fight to get it off on Sunday... I threw it in the wash and hid it! I'll bring it out another day when we don't have plans but I'm not up for the battle of clothes just yet.

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Margie said...

Interesting you should mention the 20/80. We were just talking about things like this the other day. Seems like no matter where we are this is the same problem. I don't get it either-we pray and pray for more to use their gifts-trying to encourage people to know the gifts they have from the Lord, but same people usually doing most of the work and ministry. I suppose Jesus gave us the parables because He knew these things to be true then and even now.
Your daughter looks adorable in her little tutu :)