Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another quirk

I finally had the chance to scrap some... here's Izzy singing 'He's got the Whole World in His Hands'. I just love watching her do motions to songs. So cute.

Izzy's latest quirk... when it's nap time she has to change back into her pj's. It totally makes me laugh but hey... she's been sleeping longer since she started so I won't complain. In fact she had probably the best night and day of sleeping since we moved and she was totally a different person today... so happy and well behaved. So much so that I decided to venture to the unknown. There's a HUGE new building that opened last weekend with an Australian based craft store and I heard great things about it so I decided to check it out. I literally was almost in tears when I walked into the store. There is absolutely nothing like this in Hong Kong. Everything there was so familiar to me, from the items in it to the set-up of the store (I didn't have to squeeze down isles)... and they even have paper scrapping supplies!!!!! It was great!!! I think I need to go back there without Isabella though. I was able to get a curtain rod to hang this Thai wall hanging that I've had since Christmas and I found a few little crafts to do with Izzy. They didn't have a lot in this category so I guess I'll be stocking up when we go home but at least we found a couple fun things to do when it rains.

Speaking of coming home... it's just over a month until we visit! I'm SOOO excited. I just can't wait for Izzy to have outdoor space to run around. And I'm just anxious to visit in the summer... there will be so much to show Izzy.... ah...

Well... I need to get some sleep!

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