Thursday, August 03, 2006


There's nothing like singing your daughter to sleep. ~sigh~ She doesn't fall asleep in my arms very often any more so I must take advantage of nights like these. Every night we sing 'Jesus Loves Me' immediately before placing her in her crib and it was so sweet to watch her drift off knowing the last words she heard were... Jesus Loves You.

It's been a great few days. This morning we headed off to Tai Po for the Mom's Bible Study. We were just meeting for fun since most of the moms are still on holiday but it was so wonderful. I got to know two more of the moms and got to know Sumiko, Vivian, and Phuc even better. This is very selfish of me but I really struggled with this group at first because I didn't feel like the moms were making an effort to get to know me and here I was... the newbie. I didn't feel like I should have to be the one to step up. I'm very thankful that I have learned in the past that relationships take work and effort on both ends and that I can't expect people to come to me or I'll never have any friends. So I stepped up even more so today and left feeling like a part of the group. Now I am anxious for the regular meetings to begin. A few moms have decided to start meeting just for fun for the rest of August and so I think I will make every effort I can to be there next Wed. It takes a bit of effort as it takes about 1hr to get there but I think both Isabella and I will benefit greatly from this fellowship.

Mike called me as I stepped onto the KCR and asked if Isabella and I could handle a few more hours out. When he mentioned lunch at my favorite dumpling place I said 'of course!' LOL But really... it was lunch with our new Filippino Pastor, wife, and son and I was excited to see them. They arrived last night but due to our early morning and thier late arrival, I couldn't greet them at the airport. So anyway... I'm looking forward to spending more time with Imelda and getting to know her. Please pray for them... moving to a new culture is always a big adjustment especially when your adapting to primarily speaking your second language.

Man our day was filled with getting to know people... We had Tim over for dinner since his wife and kids are still in the UK for summer holiday. He's a very wise man and it was fun to share our opinions of life in HK.

On a side note... I found out today that my friend Vivian is the same age as me. It gave me a whole new perspective on my relationship with her. Sounds wierd I know but I struggle here because I feel so young and uneducated. lol I think it's mainly because most moms work here and I feel as though I can't relate. Yeah.. I've worked but nothing like these ladies. I'm starting to overcome these struggles as I get to know these ladies more and realize that they're normal just like me (lol) but knowing Vivian is my age just makes me so happy. I wish I could adequately explain the thoughts running through my head but alas... this is what you get. :)

Vivian has a son, Royce, who is just a sweetheart but he suffers from ecema terribly and seeing him today just broke my heart. Please say a prayer for his healing.

Oh yeah how could I forget... we are experiencing a T3 (typhoon warning) and MAN those winds are strong. I cannot imagine what an actual T8 is like or a hurricane/tornado for that matter. Our window does not latch properly and many times flew open and out went our hard work (cleaning those curtains... and yeah we lost a few of those metal things Mom and Dad... I just prayed no one was standing outside when they fell!). LOL I had to remove our inner window type things in order to reach out and shut the window and Mike had to use cable to tie it shut! Here's praying that it works and stays closed!

Well... blogger is not uploading pictures again or I'd show you some new designs and fun pictures. So off to bed I go!


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