Monday, August 07, 2006

Layouts to Share

It's been a wonderful Monday! Lots of family time and walking! I figured I walked about a total of 5 miles and ran 1! It felt great. I even finished a few of those 'to finish' layouts! Yeah...

Another one of the LO's I was going to send in for the contest... a brief review of our trip to Thailand. Used Meredith Fenwick's Personality Collection and Jen Wilson's Summer Travels

Just a picture and quote that I felt went great together. Paper is from Angela Powers Aiden's Room Kit

This is Brian and Mike, our Monday night guest who returned to the states for Seminary. Used a mix of kits from TheDigiChick

Tomorrow brings normality again to Isabella and I and an exciting, mouth-watering treat for all of us... Krispy Kreme Opens! We're not sure if we'll venture out tomorrow but definitely before the weekend... so excited to have a real doughnut!

Alas... I have nothing to say. Shocker huh? LOL

Have a blessed day!

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