Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In a minute...

This is what happens when I turn my back for a minute!

It's been a fun, relaxing few days. Yesterday was a fun family day with a few goodies thrown in. Mike finally got some much needed sandals and I got a pair of converse! I'm so excited. I had like a million pairs, in a million different colors back in high-school and there's a store here that sells a HUGE variety so with Mike's encouragement, I walked away with a pair of white with red/gold stripes. I love them!

Today we took a walk and met Mike for lunch. Isabella was quite the pill on the way home. She had her plans and they didn't agree with mine. But I must say, that I quickly realized that I was in no hurry to get anywhere (except in air con to cool off... lol) and let her explore. It was cute watching her play peek-a-boo and pointing out all the boats. I put her down for a nap once we got home but again she had other plans. She didn't fuss but she didn't sleep. For an hour and a half, she played in her crib. I could hear her talking and it was so sweet but I was dying to know what she was doing.

Only one more day before Hannah arrives and we're so excited! It will be so great to see her and have her with us for the first few weeks. We're also making plans to see Adelina, Nick and Kayla again this Friday but it ultimately depends on Nick's work schedule. So we're praying hard. lol

I got my Elite Bootcamp (Billy Blanks) series in the mail today and I'm SOOO excited to try one of the workouts tomorrow. I watched the short 8 minute power workout because I was curious and wow... he covers a lot in those 8 minutes. Should be interesting.

Well.. not much to say today. Have a great Tuesday!

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