Friday, August 25, 2006

She's Here!!!!

Hannah's here! I was so excited to see her come around the corner that I had to hold back tears so I didn't look like a dork. LOL We are so excited she's finally joined our family here in HK. I can only imagine the great things God has in store for her over these next nine months and I look forward to once again being an observer of this first hand.

I give her major props for the trooper she was yesterday! She arrived around 9:30 and spent the first few hours chatting with the students that met her at the airport. Once we got home... she continued to talk with us and get as settled as she possibly could in our flat. In the evening, we met some of our girls for dinner where she spent another few hours talking some more. And she did all this without napping or falling asleep at the dinner table. We treated her to the best Chinese dish EVER (Peking Duck) as well as some other Chinese foods and she was so open to trying new things. We even introduced her to several modes of transportation in one day... the airport express, a cab, the KCR and a mini-bus. Crazy... felt like our first evening with John and Sarah. We just kept going but you know what... it paid off! She slept all night which means she's on the way to overcoming jet lag.

Isabella had a terrible, terrible night and so today we didn't do much. A little grocery shopping and dinner with Adelina, Nick and Kayla. Tomorrow's her big welcome BBQ and I'm sure we'll do a bit more exploring in the next few days. It's kinda nice not to have to get out and see everything in a short amount of time. We have a full 9 months to do it! Wohoo!

As I just mentioned... we had dinner this evening with Adelina, Nick and Kayla. It was great! We continue to learn more about them and realize how well we get along for just meeting. They will be joining us again on Sunday and I'm just thrilled. But most of all... I just love that they are comfortable being themselves around us. We often find that the second we say Mike's a pastor people tend to shy away from who they truly are. But they have been great and so supportive of what he does. It's just been wonderful developing this friendship and I look forward to spending more time with them as Adelina only has a few more weeks of work! We're both hoping that the girls will teach each other a few things... Adelina hopes Isabella will teach Kayla to be a bit more agressive and I'm hoping Kayla will teach Izzy to be a bit calmer (yes... I'm a dreamer... lol) and some words. She's got quite the vocabulary for an almost 2yr old.

So overall it's been a great few days. I've really noticed God at work and it's been so cool to watch and get excited about the future. I've got some fun (scrap related) news to share within the next week or so but for now... I better hit the hay just in case we have another adventurous night.

Sorry no pictures... no patience to wait on blogger. :)


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