Sunday, August 20, 2006

Awesome God

Our day started off a bit tiring as Isabella woke up about 4:30/5ish and from that point on almost every 45 minutes. Not sure what the problem was but I think it's still her teeth. Anyway...

The day only got better as we were able to walk to church with Mike! This rarely happens and I have to say... I LOVE IT! I love walking to church as a family.

Better still... we met Adelina, Nick and Kayla at Pacific Coffee before church (and Mike was even able to join us for a few minutes). It was great to see them again and continue to get to know them. At 9:30 we headed over to church and walked into Pastor Aris leading worship. Wow... he's good! I LOVE singing and worshipping God in that way and I really felt God's presence in the service today. It was wonderful. Nick and Adelina kept Kayla with them until she became a bit talkative and so they ventured to the nursery... but Praise the Lord, Kayla was totally comfortable in there and they both came back to the service! I was so thrilled because I know Adelina wanted to be a part of the actual service. Afterwards, we introduced them to as many people as we could and spent our 'tea time' getting to know them even better. I felt like I had some really good conversations with them that allowed me to get beyond that 'surfacey' conversation stuff. They seemed to really enjoy themselves and Adelina really enjoyed Pastor Aris' singing/leading and his sermon. We're hoping they will come back next week but no matter what our goodbyes were... 'Let's make plans to get together again this week!' (and from them! we were definitely thinking it too but it feels so good to know they want to spend time with us too) I can't even tell you what an answer to pray this is for me. I've desperately been wanting to meet some new people and in particular, someone who lives closer by, with children, that I could develop a friendship with and wow... God is SOOOO good.

The day just continued to be awesome. I was able to talk with a variety of ladies at church, got to see Sumiko's baby (well pictures anyway... she was just born on Sat) and we had lunch with some of our students.

Today was one of those days where I felt confident in saying that Hong Kong was 'home.' I felt very alive, connected, loved, thankful, etc... It was just wonderful and God was clearly working in my heart.

This week is just going to be awesome! We've got some fun plans for tomorrow evening, hopefully another A,N,K playdate, and Hannah arrives on THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I just can't wait to see what God has in store for us this week.

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Rischa said...

It sounds like you've had a wonderful Sunday! :-) I'm glad you've had such a great weekend! Don't you just love those types of weekends!?